The File Of The Golden Goose (1969)

the file of the golden goose 1969

A lost gem that grabs your attention and won’t let go. Yul Brynner is just great as a hard nosed American Treasury agent out to bring down a counterfeit ring based in London. Don’t miss this one.

A gang is counterfeiting American money. They’re not beyond murder. One victim is the girlfriend of U.S. agent Peter Novak (Yul Brynner). An agent named Owens is assigned to the case but ends up being killed by a man wielding an umbrella that contains a sword. Novak is sent to Scotland Yard. He says he wants to work alone. The Yard insists he partner with Arthur Thompson (Edward Woodword).

Novak isn’t happy especially because Thompson has a wife and two kids. He doesn’t have a choice but the two get along so there aren’t any dumb scenes of them arguing. Their job is to infiltrate the gang. The phony money is being stored at a warehouse run by George Leeds. They manage to get into the gang by posing as members of the Scottish group The Golden Goose. They got that nickname after a bullion robbery. All five members of the gang were killed while trying to escape. Novak and Thompson say there were seven members of the gang and pose as the two members who got away.

It’s not long before they’re shown the storage room where the phony bills are kept. Gang member Martin is suspicious and is waiting for Novak in his hotel room with a girl named Debbie. She was the girlfriend of the head of the Golden Goose gang. She doesn’t recognize Novak. Now he has to deal with both of them to maintain his cover.

One person he needs to find is known as The Owl. He searches through several bath house before finally spotting him. He also observes a gang member threatening him because he gambled with phony bills. It’s the same man who killed Owens. Owl doesn’t take him seriously. Owl leaves carrying a briefcase and Novak follows him to an antique shop where he leaves the briefcase.

Novak traces him to the gambling club. Earlier, plates have arrived from America for hundred dollar bills and the Yard has some made up for Novak. He stands next to Owl at the crap table and puts the phony bill down. Owl recognizes it. Novak is told they don’t take American currency and exchanges it for pounds.

Outside he’s waylaid by three thugs and roughly told not to come back. He goes to Owl’s place where a wild party is in progress. He tosses everybody out. He knows Owl set him up at the club. Meanwhile Thompson has replaced Martin and is now living at Leed’s house. The Yard can’t communicate with him. That makes Novak suspicious.

To go further would be too much of a spoiler. This is definitely one to seek out.

TV audiences will recognize Edward Woodward as Robert McCall on the show “The Equalizer” (1985-89).

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Young Man With A Horn (Soundtrack)-Harry James & Doris Day 1954

Movie is said to be loosely,very loosely based on the life of Bix Beiderbecke.

01. I May Be Wrong [00:03:04]
02. The Man I Love [00:03:08]
03. The Very Thought of You [00:03:03]
04. Pretty Baby [00:03:02]
05. Melancholy Rhapsody [00:03:07]
06. Would I Love You [00:03:03]
07. Too Marvelous for Words [00:03:17]
08. Get Happy [00:03:00]
09. I Only Have Eyes for You [00:03:21]
10. Limehouse Blues [00:02:20]
11. With A Song in My Heart [00:03:11]
12. Lullaby of Broadway [00:02:54]
13. Moanin’ Low [00:03:28]

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Assignment K (1968)

assignment k 1968

Dull spy movie about an agent who runs his own operation independent of the British government. He has to answer to an official known as K but he still maintains that his group is secret and refuses to divulge their names.

Philip Scott (Stephen Boyd) was a race car driver until he crashed. Now he’s a toy manufacturer. He’s also a British Intelligence agent. He uses his cover to have microfilm messages passed by attaching them to dolls. One of his agents is a doctor in an Austrian ski resort. While there for a toy convention Philip meets and  romances a Swedish heiress named  Toni Peters (Camilla Sparv). The latest message is passed by the doctor to an agent who took a planned fall while learning to ski. The doctor placed it on a cast on the agent’s arm and then wrapped it up. While skiing in a remote part of the slopes Scott sees the body of the doctor. He gets Toni away before she can see it.

Back in London Toni joins him. Bad move as she’s kidnapped from Philip’s place by a henchman of Mr.Smith (Leo McKern). He wants to know the names of Phillip’s agents. Phillip reports to Harris (Michael Redgrave) at the British Board of Trade. Harris thinks there’s a leak in Philip’s organization. He represents Mr.K. Even he doesn’t know Philip’s agents names. Philip says he’ll quit before giving any of them up.

Philip finally tells Smith he’ll give up an agent named almanac in Munich if he lets Toni go. Unknown to Smith, Philip makes other arrangements. When things go wrong Smith kidnaps Toni again. The movie picks up the action a bit but it’s too late to save it. There are a lot of good spy movies out there and this is one that can be given a pass.

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Mr.Peepers (1952-55)

mr peepers-wally cox

Wally Cox stars as a shy high school science teacher. The show was a success and was a high point in his career.

Opening episode July 3,1952: “Mr.Peepers Gets A Job” – Robinson Peepers arrives at Jefferson High School as a new wing is being built. After a few mishaps he gets to see his new boss. The man laughs at the name Peepers but he gets payback when he tells him his name is Gabriel Gurney. That gives Peepers a few laughs.

He starts to talk about himself. He’s a graduate of an upstate teacher’s college, twenty-six, unmarried and his father is in the hardware business. Before he can get any further the phone keeps ringing as Gurney has to decide what to have for lunch in the school cafeteria.

Peepers is taken to the classroom of science teacher  Mr.Wadd. Wadd is scared his job is in jeopardy and tells Peepers to have a seat out of the way. After two hours Peepers finally tells him he’s there to help him teach. Wadd doesn’t want to hear it. Later he tells Gurney Peepers isn’t needed. Meanwhile Peepers is addressing an empty classroom. He writes a few things on the blackboard and never sees Norton, a student. come in. Peepers asks if anyone wants to clean the blackboard. While his back is turned Norton erases it and leaves without Peepers seeing him. He’s really confused when he sees the now empty blackboard.

Wadd has Norton attach a balloon to a tank of compressed air for an experiment. The balloon gets huge and Peepers get the students out in the hall leaving Wadd inside. Gurney comes along and there’s an explosion. Out comes Wadd with his suit torn up. In Gurney’s office Wadd blames the whole thing on Peepers.

Miss Deem, the teacher next door comes in and they go to the cafeteria. She tells him to join her at her table. Wadd gets there first and refuses to leave and Peepers sits by himself. He accidentally gets revenge when he removes Wadd’s wig. An embarrassed Wadd leaves town and a sitcom is born.


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The Whisperers (1967)

the whisperers 1967

Dame Edith Evans is nothing short of fantastic as Margaret Ross, an elderly lady who lives by herself in two dumpy rooms.  She was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar. The winner was Katherine Hepburn for “Guess Whose Coming To Dinner.” The Academy certainly got it wrong.

This is a must see drama that handles the situation without a lot of anguish and over the top attempts to tug at the heart strings. The cinematography speaks volumes.

Margaret Ross’ husband left her years ago and now she lives alone and spends her time reading newspapers and putting up with a dripping faucet and noisy upstairs neighbors. She hears voices and keeps asking,”Are you there?” She lives on National Assistance and fantasizes about getting a large inheritance from her late fathers’ estate. She can be found in the library with her feet on the pipes to keep them warm or singing hymns at the soup kitchen.

Her son Charlie drops by and leaves a parcel hidden in the back room. A while later she’s putting something away in a cabinet and sees the parcel but doesn’t recognize it. She opens it and find a lot of money. She goes to the National Assistance to tell them her inheritance has come through and she won’t need them anymore.

While waiting to be seen she’s befriended by Mrs.Noonan. She shows her she really has several pound notes in her purse. Noonan takes her on a long bus ride to a pub near her home. After a drink she takes her to her place. She drugs her drink and robs her. She hides most of it and gives the rest to her husband. He and his son load her into a cart and dump her outside of her home. Her upstairs neighbors see her passed out on the cobblestones. Margaret ends up in the hospital with pneumonia.

Her son is in prison on a charge of robbery with violence. When she gets home the place has been thoroughly cleaned and the drip has been fixed.

Her husband Archie is traced to a ratty hotel room. He likes his booze and doesn’t have a job. Still the authorities think the best thing for Margaret is to be reunited with Archie. He moves back in. Some things aren’t meant to be.

This may not be the complete character study it started out to be but it is definitely well worth seeking out especially for Dame Edith Evans.

Dame Edith Evans as Margaret Ross

Dame Edith Evans as Margaret Ross



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Premature Burial (1962)

premature burial 1962

One of Roger Corman’s best Poe movies. This one stars Ray Milland and the screenplay is by Charles Beaumont and Ray Russell. Horror fans shouldn’t miss this one.

Guy Carrell (Ray Milland)  believes catalepsy runs in the family and he has an ingrained fear of being buried alive. He believes his father met that fate. He writes a letter to his fiance, Emily Gault (Hazel Court) calling off the wedding. She comes to the house on the moors and is given a cold greeting by Guy’s sister Kay (Heather Angel). She tells her Guy doesn’t want to see her. She goes back to see him anyway and he explains why he can’t marry her. Emily convinces him to change his mind.

Attending the wedding are Guy’s friend Miles Archer and Emily’s physician-professor father (Alan Napier). Guy freaks when Emily plays “Molly Malone” on the piano. It’s a tune he heard in a dream about  gravediggers whistling it when they dug up the coffin of his father.

Guy’s obsession results in him building a burial vault in the moors. He has a coffin he can open with one finger from the inside. He’s also built in several escape methods from the vault. If none of them work he has a vial of poison as a last resort. Miles tells Emily you can’t inherit catalepsy but Guy is so obsessed that any remainder could set him off.

Emily finally gives him a choice. Destroy the vault or she’s leaving. He complies and destroys it. Miles says he should go to the family crypt and open his father’s coffin and see that he wasn’t buried alive. Guy opens it and a skeleton with a contorted look falls on him. Guy passes out and Emily’s father pronounces him dead of a heart attack. Not so fast. Only Guy knows he’s in a cataleptic state.

Things get real interesting from here. Corman’s Poe movies with Vincent Price were first rate and this one without him can stand right beside them.


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This Is Lucy Reed-Complete Recordings 1958-1967 2 CD’S

CD 1:
01. There’s A Boat Dat’s Leavin’ Soon For New York (2:29)
02. Fools Fall In Love (3:24)
03. Baltimore Oriole (4:55)
04. Out Of This World (3:48)
05. You May Not Love Me (3:46)
06. No Moon At All (1:54)
07. Inchworm (2:53)
08. Tabby The Cat (1:54)
09. That’s How I Love The Blues (3:24)
10. My Time Of Day (2:37)
11. My Love Is A Wanderer (2:49)
12. Little Girl Blue (3:43)
13. Because We’re Kids (2:51)
14. It’s All Right With Me (4:25)
15. It’s A Lazy Afternoon (3:40)
16. Flying Down To Rio (2:14)
17. Nothing At All (2:53)

CD 2:
01. Born To Blow The Blues (4:41)
02. This Is New (3:58)
03. In The Wee Small Hours (Of The Morning) (4:20)
04. There He Goes (2:50)
05. Love For Sale (4:27)
06. A Trout, No Doubt (2:39)
07. No Moon At All (2:14)
08. Lucky To Be Me (2:28)
09. St. Louis Blues (3:25)
10. Easy Come, Easy Go (4:55)
11. Little Boy Blue (2:55)
12. You Don’t Know What Love Is (4:04)
13. You’ve Got A Date With The Blues (3:09)
14. My Flaming Heart (3:01)
15. Please Mr. Right Man (3:02)
16. Tantalazing Melody (2:52)
17. A Night Is Dark (2:36)
18. Au Revoir (2:43)

Lucy Reed (vcl), Art Farmer (tp), Jimmy Cleveland (tb), Tommy Mitchell (b-tb), Romeo Penque (fl, Engh), Sol Schlinger (b-cl, bs), Bill Evans, Dick Marx, Don Abney, Gil Evans, Eddie Higgins (p), Howard Collins, John Gray (g), Bob Carter, Johnny Frigo, Bill Pemberton (b), Sol Gubin, George Russell (d), Harry Lookofsky (vln), Jack English (arr).

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