The Rosemary Clooney Show (1956-57)

Half hour variety show with The Hi-Los as regulars. She had a lot of good guest stars along the way. This episode featured singer-songwriter-actor Matt Dennis along with Frances Bergen.  She’s the wife of Edgar Bergen.

Rosemary opens with a few bars of “Tenderly.” Nelson Riddle leads the orchestra. After the intro Rosemary sings “Seems Like Old Times.”  It’s a set that looks like a radio station. She mentions that it reminds her of when she and sister Betty started at WLW in Cincinnati.

Rosemary does a bit that’s supposed to be at a resort hotel.  Matt Dennis plays a social director. Frances Bergen plays a girl looking for a husband. Matt and the Hi-Los do a song called “Relax.” Here comes Frances and she flirts with Matt. She wants to know who the man is sitting on a bench. Matt says he’s a millionaire. Goodbye Frances. Rosemary consoles Matt by singing “That’s How It Is With Me.”

Frances flirts with the millionaire. The voice of Charlie McCarthy tells her she can do better. She’s the only one who can hear him. The man thinks she’s nuts and leaves. Charlie says they should make up and Frances sings “You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me.”

Frances, Matt and Rosemary sing Matt’s composition “Let’s Get Away From It All.”  Matt tells the story of how he and a partner wrote “Violets For Your Furs” and sings it while accompanying himself on piano.  Rosemary closes the show singing “Nighty Night.” That’s followed by Rosemary saying good night to her guests.

This is a pleasant way to spend a half hour.

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Good Morning,Boys! (1937)

good morning,boys! 1937

Will Hay is hilarious as Dr.Benjamin Twist the headmaster of St.Michaels School For Boys. Graham Moffatt who appears in a number of Hays’ movies is a scheming student named Albert. He’s also very funny. If you like to laugh don’t miss this one. Hay is funny in all his movies but this one has a little something extra in his manic performance.

A gang wants to steal the Mona Lisa. The person who can do it for them is currently residing in prison. His son is a student at St.Michaels. Twist’s classroom is a shambles. He tries teaching but the boys, led by Albert, bet on the horse races. Twist finally lats down a bet. There’s a long sequence in the classroom where the lines fly fast and furious.

Dropping in to see how they are progressing is Colonel Willoughby-Gore. He ask the students a number of questions about India where he was a Bengal Lancer. They can’t answer anything. He brings Twist before the Board of Education in an attempt to have him fired.

The Board is amused by Twist and say they’ll hold off on a decision after they see how a select group of boys do on a special exam on French.. Thanks to one of the boys stealing the exam the group passes with flying colors and are invited to Paris.

Sneaking into the group is escaped con Arty Jones, the man who can steal the painting in sixteen seconds. The boys all go to a Parisian nightclub which just happens to be the gang’s headquarters.

Throughout the movie Hay is brilliant and he tries to keep the boys in line and out of trouble and also keeping his job. This will make you a Hay fan.

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Topper (1937)

topper 1937

Classic comedy based on the Thorne Smith novel. Roland Winters is bank president Cosmo Topper. Billie “Glinda The Good Witch” Burke is his controlling wife Clara. Alan Mowbry is their amused butler Wilkins. Cary Grant and Constance Bennett are George and Marion Kerby. Winters was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. The winner was Joseph Schildkraut for “The Life Of Emile Zola.”

The movie has a great cast with Constance Bennett a standout. She fun every second she’s on screen. The TV series (1953-55) changed a lot of things around including Mrs.Topper from Clara to Henrietta.

Cosmo Topper’s every minute is controlled by his wife Clara. That includes how to eat breakfast to catching the train. He’s the overly mild mannered president of a bank. It’s time for the annual board of directors meeting. George Kerby is the major stockholder and reluctantly makes the trip into town with wife Marion.

The night before they go clubbing and after singing a few choruses with Hoagy Carmichael It’s time to go. They pull up in front of the bank in the middle of the night and decide to sleep in car. The next morning a crowd looks on at the sleeping couple. George wakes up and goes to the meeting where he doesn’t pay attention but seconds a motion to end it. Marion wakes up and goes inside to look for him.

After the meeting they try and convince Topper to live a little and stop paying so much attention to what Clara says. On the way back home George is driving like a maniac. Marion says she wants to perform a good deed. That means getting Topper to have some fun out of life. Just then the car blows a tire and crashes. When they see each other are transparent they realize they’re dead.

Topper wants to buy the repaired car. Clara says no. Time for him to start rebelling. He jumps in the car and takes off. He runs off the road at the exact spot where George and Marion crashed. He’s shocked to see the couple. Marion starts her plan to do a makeover on Topper.

Topper goes to the Kerby’s apartment and dances and has a few drinks. Out on the town he gets into an altercation with a chauffeur and ends up arrested. It’s the next days headlines. Clara thinks her social life is over. Anything but as some society women tell Clara they can’t wait to meet Topper and invites them to a party. At the bank Topper is looked on with respect. Marion keeps slinking around giving Topper other thoughts.

Topper gets in real trouble as Marion buys some lingerie. The item floats through the air as Marion is invisible. Topper grabs them and stuffs them in his jacket. Back home they fall out in front of Clara. She thinks her’s been unfaithful. Topper jumps in the car. Marion’s there and suggests a hotel where they can have some fun. Topper gets in trouble with the house detective (Eugene Pallette) as Marion keeps appearing and disappearing. Back at Topper’s place George is looking for Marion.

This is a very funny movie and one comedy fans shouldn’t miss.

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The Real…Johnny Mathis-The Ultimate Johnny Mathis Collection 3 CD’S

CD 1
Playtime: 56:50
01. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (3:55)
02. When Sunny Gets Blue (2:42)
03. Chances Are (3:03)
04. Wonderful! Wonderful! (2:49)
05. It’s Not For Me To Say (3:05)
06. No Love (But Your Love) (2:19)
07. The Twelfth Of Never (2:27)
08. Wild Is The Wind (2:26)
09. Teacher, Teacher (2:40)
10. A Certain Smile (2:48)
11. Misty (3:36)
12. You Are Beautiful (3:08)
13. Maria (3:47)
14. My Funny Valentine (3:36)
15. Small World (3:18)
16. The Best Of Everything (2:45)
17. When I Fall In Love (4:30)
18. Dancing On The Ceiling (3:56)

CD 2
Playtime: 60:31

01. I Wish I Were In Love Again (3:40)
02. My Love For You (3:06)
03. The Best Is Yet To Come (3:45)
04. Stairway To The Stars (4:53)
05. Gina (2:46)
06. What Will My Mary Say (3:10)
07. Beyond The Blue Horizon (3:00)
08. No Strings (3:14)
09. Bye Bye Barbara (2:34)
10. On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (2:47)
11. The Sweetheart Tree (2:13)
12. Prelude To A Kiss (2:54)
13. The Look Of Love (3:42)
14. A Time For Us (2:56)
15. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story (2:47)
16. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (5:59)
17. The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face) (3:37)
18. I’m Coming Home (3:26)

CD 3
Playtime: 68:41

01. Life Is A Song Worth Singing (6:05)
02. I’m Stone In Love With You (3:30)
03. When Will I See You Again? (2:34)
04. What I Did For Love (2:47)
05. 99 Miles From L.A. (3:39)
06. When A Child Is Born (3:42)
07. You’re All I Need To Get By (2:40)
08. Too Much, Too Little, Too Late (2:59)
09. Gone Gone Gone (3:37)
10. Begin The Beguine (4:18)
11. The Last Time I Felt Like This (2:57)
12. Friends In Love (4:06)
13. Memory (3:03)
14. Baia (No Baixa Do Sapateiro) (4:11)
15. Let Your Heart Remember (4:38)
16. Because You Loved Me (4:38)
17. Un-Break My Heart (5:02)
18. Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil) (4:16)

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The Texas Rangers (1951)

the texas rangers 1951

Historical accuracy is nowhere to be found but this is still an entertaining Western as the Texas Rangers take on Sam Bass and his all star band of outlaws.

Former Texas Rangers Johnny Carver (George Montgomery) and his pal Buff Smith (Noah Beery,Jr.) get involved with a shootout with Dave Rudabaugh. A stray bullet kills the editor of the local paper while his daughter Helen (Gale Storm) looks on. Johnny and Buff are caught and put in prison for a long term.

Meanwhile the Rangers are reformed now that the Civil War is over. They’re commanded by Major John B. Jones (John Litel). The Governor of Texas orders him to bring down Sam Bass’ (William Bishop) gang of killers and thieves and he doesn’t care what methods he uses.

Bass has formed a gang containing, among others, Butch Cassidy (John Doucette), The Sundance Kid, John Wesley Hardin (John Dehner) Duke Fisher (Jock Mahoney) and Dave Rudabaugh.

Jones gets Johnny and Buff out of prison and reinstated  with the Rangers. Johnny’s hero worshipping brother Danny using a different last name is a Ranger. He still carries a medal Johnny won. Helen goes ballistic when she finds out Johnny and Buff are out of prison and back in the Rangers.

Johnny wants to give some payback to Sundance who double crossed him in an earlier robbery. Bass sent Sundance out to bushwack Johnny. Johnny nails him instead. He then tells Buff and Danny he’s done what he set out to do and is quitting the Rangers. They manage to arrest him. Before they can take him back more of Bass’ men show up and Danny is shot in the back. When he expires Johnny changes his mind about leaving.

In the town of Belton, Bass plans to rob the bank. Johnny alerts the sheriff only to commit the robbery himself. It’s all a plan to join Bass’ gang. Jones’ thinks that will tarnish the Rangers image and may even cause them to be disbanded again. Buff finds Johnny who explains everything. He tells him to get word back to Jones. Watching from a nearby cliff are some of Bass’ men.

There’s a million dollar gold shipment coming through by train. Bass plans to rob it. Bass’ men captured Buff before he could get back to headquarters. Johnny pretends they had a falling out. When his back is turned Buff is shot dead. Before leaving town he convinces Helen he’s one of the good guys and tells her to get a message to Jones about where the hold up is planned. Things don’t go exactly as Johnny thought.

This is a good one. Just forget what you know about the real outlaws and that will let you enjoy this one.


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That Old Feeling-Complete Recordings 1956-1962-Matt Monro 3 CD’S

CD 1:
01. Strange Lady In Town (1:46)
02. Everybody Falls In Love With Someone (1:44)
03. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (1:44)
04. Gone With The Wind (2:31)
05. My Old Flame (2:31)
06. The Garden Of Eden (2:17)
07. Love Me Do (2:14)
08. My House Is Your House (Mi Casa Es Su Casa) (2:58)
09. The Bean Song (Which Way To Boston) (2:44)
10. You Always Hurt The One You Love (2:16)
11. A Cottage For Sale (3:08)
12. That Old Feeling (3:01)
13. Memories Of You (2:32)
14. What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry (2:21)
15. Do You Ever Think Of Me (1:57)
16. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (2:34)
17. Once In A While (3:16)
18. I Cried For You (2:53)
19. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else (2:19)
20. I’ll Never Have A Sweetheart (2:36)
21. The Golden Age (2:25)
22. A Story Of Ireland (2:39)
23. Another Time, Another Place (2:27)
24. Prisoner Of Love (2:27)
25. Have Guitar Will Travel (2:07)
26. Bound For Texas (2:32)
27. I Should Care (Live) (3:00)
28. I’m A Fool To Want You (3:35)
29. You Keep Me Swingin’ (2:51)

CD 2:
01. Portrait Of My Love (2:43)
02. You’re The Top Of My Hit Parade (2:14)
03. The Ghost Of Your Past (3:02)
04. Quite Suddenly (2:55)
05. My Kind Of Girl (2:57)
06. This Time (2:35)
07. Can This Be Love (3:01)
08. Why Not Now (2:25)
09. Gonna Build A Mountain (2:46)
10. I’ll Dream Of You (2:47)
11. Love Is The Same Anywhere (2:19)
12. Jeannie (3:13)
13. Let’s Face The Music And Dance (2:29)
14. Such Is My Love (2:47)
15. The Thing About Love (2:55)
16. Come Sta (2:48)
17. Cheek To Cheek (2:09)
18. April Fool (2:36)
19. Mirage (2:36)
20. There Are No Words For Love (2:46)
21. No One Will Ever Know (3:32)

CD 3:
01. Softly As I Leave You (3:20)
02. Is There Anything I Can Do (2:21)
03. When Love Comes Along (2:19)
04. Tahiti (2:15)
05. My Love And Devotion (2:57)
06. By The Way (2:47)
07. Stardust (2:20)
08. Small Fry (3:36)
09. How Little We Know (2:11)
10. The Nearness Of You (2:59)
11. Georgia On My Mind (4:29)
12. Skylark (3:17)
13. One Morning In May (3:05)
14. I Get Along Without You Very Well (3:56)
15. Memphis In June (2:59)
16. I Guess It Was You All The Time (1:52)
17. Blue Orchids (2:24)
18. Rocking Chair (3:50)

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Once Upon a Time (1944)

once upon a time 1944

Absurd fantasy about a theater owner and producer and his nine year old pal who has a dancing caterpillar.

Jerry Flynn (Cary Grant) is about to lose his theater. He’s produced three bombs in a row and the bank won’t give him another extension. Outside the theater he runs into Arthur “Pinky” Thompson and his friend Fatso. Inside a shoebox Pinky has a caterpillar named Curly. He brings out a harmonica and plays “Yes Sir That’s My Baby.” Jerry looks into the shoebox and watches the caterpillar dance. Jerry sees an opportunity and forms a partnership with Pinky. His sister and guardian Jeannie (Janet Blair) isn’t happy about it and wants to break it up.

The next day Jerry brings Pinky and Curly to his hotel room and has them meet his best friend Moke (James Gleason). He invites the press up to see Curly in action. All of them including Brandt (William Demerest) walk out without even bothering to look in the shoebox. Then he gets a visit from a man named Dunhill. He represents Walt Disney who is interested in Curly. Dunhill says Walt will pay a thousand bucks for him. Jerry says no sale. It has to be a hundred thousand. Dunhill leaves saying that’s impossible.

One believer is newsman Gabriel Heater (portraying himself). He tells the story of Pinky and Curly on his radio broadcast and that makes them huge celebrities that the papers can no longer ignore. Jerry and Pinky come up with a scheme that has Jeannie allowing Pinky and Curly to move in with Jerry. They don’t know that Jerry is hoping to get a hundred grand from Disney so he can pay off his debt.

Skeptical scientists say Curly is for real and they want to keep him. A battle ensues over who really owns Curly. Disney approves the price and Jerry plots with Moke to steal Curly while Pinky is asleep. Just as he’s about to nab Curly, Pinky wakes up and catches him. He grabs the shoebox and takes off. Jerry is out with Jeannie. When they get back to her place Pinky is waiting. Pinky hides Curly and Jerry loses it and slaps him. Jerry realizes what a jerk he’s been and gives the shoebox back to Pinky. Curly’s missing. A nationwide caterpillar hunt is on.

It all comes to an “Awww Shucks” type of feel good ending. It’s the kind of movie you have to be in the mood for or you’ll book out before it’s over…maybe way before.

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