Law Of The Jungle (1942)

law of the jungle 1942

Bland storyline about an American singer trapped in Africa along with Nazi spies. An archaeologist may come to her rescue. There’s nothing special until the unexpected turn about ten minutes before the finish.

Nona Brooks (Arline Judge) lost her passport and doesn’t have a way out of a hotel where she’s a singer. Hotel owner Simmons (Arthur O’Connell) is tied in with Nazi agents Grozman and Belts. They’re keeping her passport.

Word comes that a British intelligence agent is on his way. While the agent sits at a table Simmons orders Nona to sing a song to him. While he’s distracted he’s stabbed to death. Simmons turns off the lights and Nona takes off through the jungle.  She comes across Larry Mason who is looking for the missing link. With him is his assistant Jefferson “Jeff” Jones (Mantan Moreland).

Larry thinks Nona is just a scheming B girl thanks to a warning from Simmons. He says he’ll watch out for her during the night but in the morning she’s got to go. His native bearers led by Bongo are nervous when they hear drums. They’re also upset about Nona’s appearance.

The waiter Simmons told to stab the agent hid documents in Nona’s jacket that prove they’re spies.  The jungle moon doesn’t help Nona charm Larry but he’s mellowed by morning. When Grozman and Belts show up Nona hides in the tent. They tell Larry they’re cops. He doesn’t buy it and throws them out.

Now two British constables show up. Larry thinks they’re fakes too and tosses them out. When they leave Nona tells him they were the real deal. Larry breaks camp to stay out of their way.

Meanwhile the man Simmons paid to kill the agent demands his money. That gets him a bullet from Grozman. The natives they’ve stirred up start stalking Bongo and Larry’s bearers. Bongo gets a spear through his chest. Larry sends back a bullet.

Larry, Nona and Jeff head out while the two tribes fight it out. Jeff gets lost and falls into the water. Larry and Nona hear him yelling and rescue him. They spot a cave and go inside. Nona finds the documents in her jacket. Larry hides them in a skull.

Complicating Jeff’s life is a visit by a gorilla. Larry takes care of that. Next to drop by are the natives led by Grozman and Belts. Larry,Nona and Jeff are taken hostage and locked up in a cage.

The movie now goes out in left field and finally makes it fun. Too bad it didn’t happen a lot sooner.

Arline Judge-John "Dusty" King

Arline Judge-John “Dusty” King

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The Genius Of Astrud Gilberto 2 CD’S

CD 1
01. The Girl From Ipanema – 5:24
02. Fly Me To The Moon – 2:19
03. Crickets Sing For Anamaria – 1:33
04. Day By Day – 2:05
05. So Nice – 2:39
06. Come Softly To Me – 2:51
07. Trains And Boats And Planes – 2:49
08. Canto De Ossanha – 3:07
09. Goosbye Sadness – 3:33
10. Dindi – 2:42
11. Berimbau – 2:24
12. Insensatez – 2:48
13. The Shadow Of Your Smile – 2:29
14. The Gentle Rain – 2:25
15. Wish Me A Rainbow – 2:26
16. Im Nothing Without You – 4:24
17. It Might As Well Be Spring – 4:25
18. Photograph – 2:14
19. The Face I Love – 2:07
20. Aruanda – 2:29
21. Who Needs Forever – 3:08
22. Look For The Rainbow – 3:27
23. Meditation – 2:41
24. Once Upon A Summertime – 3:04
25. Frevo – 2:30
CD 2
01. Vivo Sonhando – 2:04
02. Shes A Carioca – 2:28
03. A Felicidale – 2:48
04. Agua De Beber – 2:19
05. Corcovado – 5:37
06. Its A Lovely Day – 2:40
07. Without Him – 4:31
08. I Havent Got Anything Better T – 2:56
09. Bossa Na Praia – 2:49
10. Oha Oba – 2:01
11. Bim Bom – 1:52
12. A Banda – 2:09
13. Nao Bate O Corocao – 1:36
14. Misty Roses – 2:38
15. Maria Quiet – 1:54
16. Stay – 2:43
17. You Dont Have To Be So Nice – 2:42
18. Dont Leave Me Baby – 2:32
19. Dia Das Rosas – 2:23
20. Call Me – 3:21
21. Canoeiro – 1:34
22. Holiday – 3:12
23. I Had The Craziest Dream – 2:27
24. My Foolish Heart – 2:46
25. A Certain Sadness – 3:10
26. In The Wee Small Hours – 2:16

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When’s Your Birthday? (1937)

when's your birthday 1937

Lots of fun with Joe E.Brown as an astrologer whose accurate forecasts make him a big success. Of course there’s big trouble when his boss bets a pile of money based on one of his forecasts. Margaret Hamilton has a small part as a maid named Mossy.

The movie opens with a cartoon that takes place in Astrology Heaven. It’s all a dream being had by Dustin Wllloughby (Joe E.Brown) after being knocked out in a preliminary bout. He’s been doing some boxing in order to raise money for astrology lessons. The bout is called a no contest. No money and no more boxing.

He heads for his fiancee’s house. A stray dog he names Zodiac follows him. His fiancee is the rich Diane Basscombe. He tells her and her parents that they can’t get married in June because of the planets. They can do it in July. Diane breaks the engagement. Mr.Basscombe (Edgar Kennedy) takes Dustin and Zodiac and tosses them out.

He gets a job as a busboy in a nightclub. He can’t do anything right. One night Judge O’Day is having a birthday party.  Dustin tells him he’s in for misfortune. That’s when a potted plant falls on the Judge’s head. Gambler James J.Regan (Minor Watson) asks Dustin to predict the results of a dog race. Dustin finds out the birthdays of the dogs in the race and picks the winner. Regan chases after him but Dustin misunderstands and gets away.

His next stop is a carnival  He convinces fast talking barker Larry Burke (Fred Keating) to give him a job as a swami. Larry’s assistant Jerry Grant (Marian Marsh) takes a liking to him and he feels the same.  The concession is a big hit and money maker. Dustin and Jerry hit Larry for a big raise. Larry is jealous of their relationship and tells the cops that Dustin is telling fortune without a license. That gets all three of them arrested.

In court the judge is O’Day who remembers Dustin from the club. He contacts Regan who gives Dustin and Jerry an office. He follows all of Dustin’s advice based on his horoscopes. One night at a big charity function Dustin appears as The Great Swami. In walk the Bassecombe’s with Diane.

Dustin and Jerry makes plans for dinner after he takes a break. Diane spots him and is impressed with his success. She gets him away and when she puts a lip lock on him that’s when Jerry walks by. Diane says they’re getting married. Before Dustin can explain Jerry leaves.

Dustin is upset and leaves town to find Jerry. Before he left he did his horoscope and it predicted a bad two days but victory on Friday when the moon rises.  While he looks for Jerry, Regan and his man Lefty (Frank Jenks) find the horoscope and think it’s the one he asked him to make for fighter The Salvador Slayer. He’s fighting the champ on Friday for the Middleweight title.

Dustin returns after being unable to find Jerry. He tells them about their mistake Regan has bet all he had on the fight. Lefty sees a picture of Dustin as a fighter and decides he’ll be the Salvador Slayer since it’s his horoscope.

It’s the expected finish but it is a fun ride. This is one of Brown’s best movies.

Dustin and Zodiac drop by the office

Dustin and Zodiac drop by the office



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Dinner Music For People Who Aren’t Very Hungry-Spike Jones Demonstrates Your Hi-Fi (1956)

1 Space Ship Landing 0:19
2 Assorted Glugs, PBRTS & SKKS 0:32
3 Ramona 1:10
4 Duet For Violin And Garbage Disposal 1:49
5 The Black And Blue Danube Waltz 4:12
6 Stark’s Theme 1:24
7 The Old Sow Song 1:41
8 Pal-Yat-Chee 4:06
9 How High The Fidelity 1:24
10 Cocktails For Two 3:36
11 Wyatt Earp Makes Me Burp 2:47
12 Woofer’s Lament 0:38
13 Memories Are Made Of This 1:54
14 The Sneezin’ Bee 2:14
15 Little Child (Daddy Dear) 1:55
16 Brahm’s Alibi 1:46
17 Chloe

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964-68)

the man from u.n.c.l.e.

MGM jumps into the secret service craze with this excellent show about the efforts of the United  Network Command for Law Enforcement to keep the bad guys from taking over the world. The group is headed by Alexander Waverly (Leo G.Carrol, TV’s “Topper”). His two main agents are Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum).

Pilot episode: September 22,1964 – “The Vulcan Affair” w/Patricia Crowley, Fritz Weaver, William Marshall and Ivan Dixon – The evil organization THRUSH raids U.N.C.L.E. headquarters in an effort to murder Waverly. Solo stops that plot. They wanted to stop him from showing Solo and Kuryakin information about chemical plant magnate Andrew Vulcan (Fritz Weaver).

There’s a plot to assassinate Sekue Asgumen (William Marshall), the leader of a new African nation and Vulcan is in charge of coordinating the plan. Solo is assigned to go to Washington,D.C. and stop it. He enlists the aid of Vulcan’s old college girlfriend Elaine (Patricia Crowley). She’s a suburban housewife with two kids. Solo has her pose as a rich widow. He sets her up with the right clothes and takes her to a party Vulcan is tossing for the African delegation.

At the party a THRUSH agent that was on the plane bringing Solo and Elaine to D.C. is there. She’s taking Elaine around and introducing her to important people. While Elaine was talking with Sekue, Vulcan spots her and gets reacquainted. One of his plant engineers spots Solo and plans are made to take care of him. Meanwhile, Solo gives Elaine some pills to drop in Sekue’s drink to prevent him from touring the plant. Sekue gets sick from the drink and Solo leaves. He doesn’t know that when his car reaches 50mph gas will come out of the dashboard knocking him out.

Vulcan is with Elaine in her hotel room. He’ll be back later to take her to a nightclub. When he leaves, Solo stumbles in. He wants her to convince Vulcan to take her to the chemical plant instead. She’s starting to doubt that Vulcan is a bad guy but goes along with the plan.

At the plant Vulcan and his guards along with Elaine spot a parachutist. The place is on high alert to get him. When they find him it’s just a dummy. Solo used the diversion to sneak in. It’s not long before he’s spotted. Now the episode picks up a lot of steam. It’s a great opening to a very entertaining series.

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Gas House Kids Go West (1947)

gas house kids go west 1947

One hour of sheer agony. One of the worst movies ever. It’s a blatant attempt to cash in on the success of the East Side Kids or if you prefer Bowery Boys series. There isn’t one second of this worth seeing. The kids are Alfalfa (from The Little Rascals), Orvie, Corky, Scat and Chimp.

In New York the Gas House Kids are brought to the police station to see Sgt.Casey (Emory Parnell)…again. This time it’s for harassing a ballet dancer named Pulaski. Casey has had it. He says they can’t play in a basketball tournament where the top prize is a trip to a ranch outside Thousand Oaks,California. It’s a charity event run by Kitty Crowley in honor of her late husband.

She doesn’t think the kids are so bad and Casey relents and let’s them continue. They’re one win away from taking the tournament. That night they play the Demons. It’s all going their way until the Demons bring out their secret weapon. He’s the much taller and more agile Pulaski. It looks like the end for the kids but then their leader Alfalfa (Charlie “Alfalfa” Switzer) has an idea. It works and they win by two.

They’ve been given a thousand dollars for tickets to the coast for themselves and Casey. Then they get an idea. They propose buying a car and saving the left over money for a Christmas charity fund. Casey agrees. The kids go to a used car lot. The dealer says they can have a car for free if they deliver it to a dealer in California. The deal is made and they’re on the road.

They deliver the car to Steve Gilkey (Vince Barnett). They don’t know it’s stolen and part of a large racket. They catch a cab to the ranch where they meet the foreman Jim Kingsley and his fiancee Nan (Chili Williams). She’s Kitty’s daughter. Also there is an Indian (Jay Silverheels).  When the boys ride off on the runaway horses, Steve puts the car in the barn under a pile of hay. Alfalfa ends up in the barn and is under the hay. Alfalfa overhears Kingsley and Steve talk about getting rid of the car to a customer while Kingsley puts together a barbecue for that night to keep the boys away from the barn so Steve can get rid of the car.

That night Steve tells some tall tales and is about to leave. The boys stop him until Alfalfa can sing a long song called “West Of The Pecos.” Kingsley keeps signaling Steve to leave but the boys won’t let him. Back in the bunkhouse Orvie is pretending to be sick so he can sneak back to the barn and get the motor number. The Indian is out front to keep an eye on him. At the barbecue Kingsley and Nan announce their plans to get married that Saturday. That doesn’t give Casey too much time to come up with a plan to get enough evidence to break up the racket. Kingsley is also in a hurry because it all part of his plan to marry Nan and get control of the ranch.

This is absolutely one of the worst wastes of celluloid ever. To make things worse this is only one of three movies made with the Gas House Kids.

The kids with Chili Williams

The kids with Chili Williams


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From The Files Of Jeffrey Jones (1952-53)

Don Haggerty

Don Haggerty

Syndicated show about a Hollywood P.I. He doesn’t have an office so he had to be contacted at the Golden Bubble Cafe. The show has been almost forgotten but it is fun to watch. Jones has a pal named Doyle (Tristam Coffin) on the police force.

1952 episode:”Pigeon Hunt” w/Henry Kulky, Frank Sully and Lyle Talbot- Pro wrestler Terrible Teddy Thompson wakes up with blood on his hands and clothes. He tells his manager Bob York (Lyle Talbot), he doesn’t remember a thing. They go to the Golden Bubble to hire Jones.

When they get there Jones is talking with counterman Sully (Frank Sully). Teddy has a championship match coming up with Count Baroni. Until he finds out what happened he may be too shaken up to have a decent match. There’s some talk the bout may be fixed. Jones and Sully make a bet on the winner.

Teddy says he couldn’t sleep and walked to the South Seas Club and met a woman named Bernice. He says they went back to her place and had some cocoa. That’s all he can remember.

Jones goes to the club. It’s owned by former wrestling promoter Pete Marco. The bartender Midge (Henry Kulky) wants to toss him out. The only person at the bar is a dame named Doreen. He finds out where Bernice lives and then Marco has Midge give him the bum’s rush out.

When he gets to Bernice’s place the door is unlocked and he walks in. Bernice is dead on the floor. He’s surprised by Twitcher Henderson. Twitcher gets the best of Jones and knocks him out with a gun. Lt.Doyle comes in as Jones comes to. He explains about Teddy and Doyle lets him go on a pigeon hunt to find someone to pin the murder on.

He goes back to the South Seas and gets into a wrestling match with former pro Midge. Luckily Doyle shows up before he’s broken up. That night it’s the big match, a two out of three falls bout with a two hour time limit.

The place is surrounded by cops but that doesn’t stop Twitcher from firing at Teddy. A few twists and turns up to the end make for a good show.

Don Haggerty starred in 1952’s “The Cases Of Eddie Drake.” He had a long career in TV and movies.

Frank Sully showed up in many movies and TV shows. He had a recurring role as the dimwitted Sgt.Matthews in the Chester Morris Boston Blackie series in the 40’s.

Henry Kulky is familiar to TV fans as Chief Max Bronsky in “Hennesey” (1959-62) and as Otto Schmidlap in “The Life Of Riley” (1953-58). Before his movie and TV career he was a pro wrestler.

Henry Kulky

Henry Kulky



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