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The Dark Descent-The Evolution Of Horror-David G.Hartwell-Editor (1987)

No need to review this essential collection after a look at the table of contents. This is a must have to any horror fan’s library or a way to make new fans. Thanks to the state of book stores I … Continue reading

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The Disgrace Of Library Book Sales

I’ve mentioned this in a previous post but decided to check out three of the areas largest libraries one more time. All are known for having used book sales. Some are ongoing while one has weekends nine months of the … Continue reading

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The Demise Of The Second Hand Book Store And Library Collections

Book posts have been few and far betwen lately as I’ve been checking out work post 2000. I try and keep the majority of book posts pre 1979. That got me thinking…….. The good old stuff is disappearing…fast.In a fifty … Continue reading

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Miss Turquoise-George B.Mair (1964) (Dr.David Grant Series)

Second entry in the ten book Dr.David Grant series. The first is “Death’s Foot Forward” (1964) and the last is “Paradise Spells Danger” (1973). Grant works for NATO. It’s another series that jumps on the James Bond bandwagon with girls,guns … Continue reading


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Smoke And Mirrors-Short Fictions And Illusions-Neil Gaiman

Thirty stories and poems from 1985,89,90,92-95,97,98. Favorites: “The Wedding Present” (1998) – A couple have a happy marriage but according to a story that was left for them as a wedding present things aren’t that great. This story is part … Continue reading

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Term Limits-Vince Flynn (1997)

One of the best thrillers of the 90’s. I found myself putting things off so I could spend time with this large book. This was the late Flynn’s first and only stand alone novel and then he went into his … Continue reading

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The Return Of Count Electric-William Browning Spencer (1993) (Short Stories)

Eleven short stories from 1993. Favorites: “Haunted By The Horror King” – A failed writer loses two wives and ends up in a mental institution all because of the works of Stephen King. “The Entomologists Of Obala” – One man … Continue reading

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Two Highly Recommended Sites For Crime-Mystery-Spy Fans

I’ve been using these for reference for years. Both are perfect for people like me who have to read a series from first to last. This one always updates and is a great source for new and old: http://stopyourekillingme.com/index.html This … Continue reading

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The Man Who Brought The Dodgers Back To Brooklyn-David Ritz (1981)

Since baseball 2016 is underway here’s one of the best baseball books. There are people in Brooklyn that still do not forgive or forget that day in 1957 when they found out that Walter O’Malley moved the Bums to L.A. … Continue reading

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30-Day Wonder-Richard Wilson (1960)

The aliens are here and they want to become charter members of the U.N. They’re nice guys but are sticklers for the law and that causes some big problems. This is good comedy SF with some serious issues incorporated into … Continue reading

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