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Mason (1977) Failed TV Pilot

Not sure why this show wasn’t picked up. The 60’s and 70’s had more than their share of beyond lame sitcoms…not that things haven’t gotten much better. This show had some genuinely funny moments and should have been given a … Continue reading

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Accidental Family (1967-68)

Jerry Van Dyke is nightclub entertainer Jerry Webster currently working in Las Vegas. His lawyer bought him a farm in the San Fernando Valley as an investment. It’s run by Sue Kramer (Lois Nettleton). Jerry’s sister-in-law Martha has had custody … Continue reading

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Swingin’ Together (1963) Failed TV Pilot

Bobby Rydell stars as the leader of Bobby Day and The Four Knights. The band travels around in an an old bus named Lucinda driven by James Dunn as father figure P.J.Cunningham. The pilot features Stephanie Powers, Lloyd Corrigan and … Continue reading

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We’ve Got Your Number (Failed TV Pilot 1975)

Jack Barry hosts the show where a pair of dice are used by two players in their quest for twenty-five thousand dollars. Bill and Susan are up first. They play with numbers two through twelve. Next to them are boards … Continue reading

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The Professionals (1977-83)

Once you get used to the bordering on the obnoxious characters of Bodie and Doyle you’re in for a pretty good show. The characters play it oh so hip with so called witty lines before settling down to business. That … Continue reading

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Dream House (1968-70)

A forty thousand dollar house is up for grabs in this quiz show where two couples compete by answering questions. Mike Darow is the emcee. Apparently many of the homes won on the show were never built. An episode from … Continue reading

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Homicide (1964-77)

Good Australian cop show based on real cases from the Victorian Homicide Squad. Opening episode: October 20,1964 – “The Stunt” – A group of university students concoct a stunt where they’ll pretend to hold up a bank. One will have … Continue reading

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