Dark Mountain (1944)

Soapy crime movie. If you never see it it, you’ll never miss it.

Forest Ranger Don Bradley (Richard Lowery) gtes promoted to Supervisor of the Dark Mountain station. Time to ask the girl he has the hots for to marry him. Big toothy smile in place he visits Kay Downey (Ellen Drew). He should have called first. She didn’t know Don was beyond the friendship stage. She just got married to Steve Downey (Regis Toomey). Don bows out.

That night Kay and Steve go to a dinner so he can meet her parents. Bryon Foulger has a bit part as family friend Harvey. Everything’s gong well until Steve’s associate White (Elisha Cook, Jr.) barges in. He tells Steve a truck has been hijacked. At his warehouse a cop calls on Steve. Whitey and another gang member drop a heavy crate on him. 

When he finally gets home Kay confronts him about dealing in stolen goods. He says where does she think all the jewelry and furs come from. Here comes Whitey again. The cops have picked up one of the gang. They hightail it to outside the police station. Kay shows up. Steve sees the cops interrogating his gang member. He shoots and kills him through the window and then kills Whitey. He tells Kay they’ll have to go on the run separately.

Ranger Don sees Kay about to pass out in her car and takes her to a remote mountain cabin. Later, Steve shows up, He figures Don would help her out. He hides in the cabin.  Steve uses a Ranger signal to get Don to the cabin. Don thought it was the signal he instructed Kay to use if she was in trouble. Don runs in….smack into Steve and his gun.

Steve grabs Kay and takes off. The chase is on. Even Luther the dog is running after them. Will Don get the girl? Will Steve get what’s coming to him? Will Luther save the day? Less soap and more noir may have saved this movie. Too late now.

Robert Lowery played Buss Courtney on “Pistols And Petticoats” (1966-67). Ellen Drew had almost thirty years in movies and TV. 

Ellen Drew


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