Jook Joint Blues:That’s What They Want 4 CD Box Set

One hundred and twelve tracks of grit and rowdy blues from 1943-1956 that paved the way for Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is raw stuff for those that want to hear something other than the polish of the major labels of the era. You may not know a lot of the artists but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be heard and appreciated for their contributions. Each disc has twenty-eight tracks.

CD #1 highlights include: “Rock Me Mama”-Lightnin’ Slim, “Courtin’ In A Cadillac”-Jerry McCain, “When I Come In This House Woman”-Big Son Tillis and “Mama Does The Boogie”-Red Johnson.

Other artists on CD #1: Papa Lightfoot, Little Al, Joe Hill Louis, Frankie Lee Sims, Little Sam Davis, Jesse Thomas, Little Milton Anderson, L.B.Lawson, Schoolboy Cleve, John Lee, Blues Rockers, Sonny Boy Holmes, Earl Hooker, Good Rockin’ Sam, Lost John Hunter, Pee Wee Hughes, Alex Moore, Frank Edwards, Lazy Lester, Mercy Dee, R.Green & Turner, Alvin Smith and Tommy Lee Thompson

CD #2 highlights include: “Sneaky Groundhog”-Clifford Gibson, “Winehead Swing”-James Tisdom, “I’m Him”-Schoolboy Cleve and “Too Much Competition”-Tarheel Slim.

Other artists on CD #2: Harvey Hill, Jr., Clarence Samuels, Jerry McCain, John Lee, Pee Wee Hughes, Mercy Dee, Arthur Gunter, Lightnin’ Slim, Papa Lightfoot, Little Milton Anderson, Johnny Lewis, Lafayette Thomas, Lonesome Sundown, Wild Bill Phillips, K.C.Douglas, Pinebluff Pete, King Davis, Earl Hooker, Sonny Boy Holmes, Louis Jackson, Little Sam Davis, Skoole-Dum-Doo & Sheffield and Alex Moore.

CD #3 highlights include: ” Got My Call Card”-L.B.Lawson, “One Thing My Baby Likes”-Country Jim, “My Woman Knows The Score”-Mercy Dee and “Bloodstains On The Wall”-Honeyboy.

Other artists on CD #3: Eddie Hope & The Mannish Boys, Blues Rockers, Frank Edwards, Papa Lightfoot, Little Willie Cotton, Good Rockin’ Beasley, Lightnin’ Slim, Earl Hooker, Jerry McCain, Little Sam Davis, Pee Wee Hughes, Little Al, John Lee, Coy “Hot Shot” Love, Guitar Gable, Ernest McClay, Dennis McMillon, Alex Seward, Lost John Hunter, Jerry Perkins, Little Milton Anderson, Sonny Boy Holmes and Alex Moore.

CD #4 highlights include: “1958 Blues”-Little Sam Davis, “She’s Taking All My Money”-Johnny Lewis, “Don’t Take It Out On Me”-Frankie Lee Sims and “I Can’t Be Successful”-Lightnin’ Slim.

Other artists on CD #4: Lazy Lester, Mercy Dee, Eddie Hope & The Mannish Boys, Good Rockin’ Sam, R.Green & Turner, Arthur Gunter, Sonny Boy Holmes, K.C.Douglas, John Lee, Clifford Gibson, Ole Sonny Boy, Schoolboy Cleve, Jerry McCain, Lazy Slim Jim, Lafayette Thomas, Tommy Lee Thompson, Little Milton Anderson, Wright Holmes, Jerry Perkins, Earl Hooker, Country Jim and Coy “Hot Shot” Love.

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