Convicts At Large (1938)

Ralph Forbes

A sure cure for insomnia. An innocent architect is mistaken for a jewel thief who busted out of the big house.

Dave Brent (Ralph Forbes) is enamored by the voice of singer/tap dancer Ruth Porter (Paula Stone) on the radio. His listening pleasure is interupted by a bulletin about two escaped cons. He takes a walk in the park.

While strolling along he’s practing a pitch for his idea for a new concept called Happy Homes, Lmtd. One of the cons reaches out from behind a bush and drags him back. He knocks him out and takes his clothes.

At the Club Little, Steve Moran tells his boys Buggsie and Gus to take a bundle of clothes and toss it out to the con known as Squire. He arranged for his break out so he could get his paws on the jewels. The package is tossed right into Dave’s arms.

Dave makes his way to the club and grabs a table and moons as Ruth does her number. He’s making a sketch of her and she joins him. Back in the office Moran thinks Dave is Squire. By this time the other con has been recaptured.

Dave and Ruth are brought into the office. Ruth tells him to go into his act. Dave proceeds to do a long and boring pitch for Happy Homes, Lmtd. Ruth meant for him to say he was Squire. Dave finally gets it and pretends to be the jewel thief. He says he’ll take them to where he hid the jewels.

He and Ruth head for the door. He plans to rush out and make the escape. He opens the door. Standing there is Squire. Now the whole group heads to the remote location where Squire hid the gems. Can Dave and Ruth get out of this one? You’ll have to force yourself to stay awake to find out.

In 1939 Ralph Forbes played Sir Hugo Baskerville in “The Hound Of The Baskervilles.”

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