The Earth Dies Screaming (1964)

A complete waste of time about an invasion of Earth. The circumstances are never explained and the movie ends without any logical conclusion.

Jeff Nolan (Willard Parker) is an American test pilot in England. He’s just back from a flight and drives into a village. Bodies everywhere. They’re all dead. He takes a short wave radio to a hotel. Nothing but a strange sound. Then survivors start showing up.

They include Taggert and Peggy. She was in a oxygen tent. Then Otis and Vi comes in. Vi spots a couple guys in spacesuits outside and runs after them. One of them turns around, touches her and that’s it for Vi.  Jeff and Taggert shoot at them but bullets have no effect. They get Vi’s body back to the hotel.

Now here come Mel and his pregnant wife Lorna. They were holed up in a fallout shelter. The group goes in search of guns and find a few usable ones in the local regiment building. At night Taggert sees Vi coming at him. Instead of eyes she just has gray blobs. He shoots her dead. This time she’ll stay that way. Lorna has her baby. Luckily there isn’t a long drawn out scene marking the occasion.

The decision is made to leave the next morning. For whatever reason Taggert hits Jeff over the head knocking him out. He forces Peggy to go with him. He begrudgingly stops at a shop to get a sweater for her because she’s cold. She takes the opportunity to get away from him. She goes back to the hotel and he drives off.

She’s not alone. A couple villagers with the same gray blobs for eyes come after her. She escapes. Jeff is driving back and sees what’s going on. One of the spacemen is also there. He runs him over and discovers it’s a robot. Then he shoots the two zombie villagers. He eventually finds out that somewhere there’s a radio transmitter controlling the robots.

The whole movie is totally senseless without even the slightest attempt to flesh out the storyline into any kind of substance. It’s all totally useless.

TV western fans may know Willard Parker as Ranger Jack Pearson from “Tales Of the Texas Rangers” (1955-58).


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