Outside The Law (1930)

outside the law 1930

Really bad movie directed by Tod Browning and starring Edward G.Robinson before “Little Caesar.”

Cobra Collins (Edward G.Robinson) spots thief Fingers O’Dell doing a mechanical man act in the window of a bank. He knows he’s planning a robbery. Later in his office Cobra tells him he’ll have to do a fifty-fifty split if he wants to do a robbery in his town.

Connie Madden (Mary Nolan) pulls a stunt in order to meet Cobra. She works in a joint called The Palace Of Fine Arts. It’s just a peep show where girls strike poses from famous paintings. Cobra doesn’t know she’s in cahoots with Fingers….or does he?

Fingers hides in a locker in the bank’s bathroom. Cobra has a man watching him. It doesn’t matter. He hands a half million out the window to Connie who posing as an old woman.They hole up in an apartment across from a widower who is a cop and has a three year old Fingers likes to call Duke.

Connie can’t stand the way he plays with the kid and Fingers tells her he wants her to have a kid just like him. There’s a loooooong sequence in the apartment with Fingers, Connie and the kid that bogs the movie down beyond repair.

Edward G.Robinson is almost a parody of his future gangster roles and Mary Nolan is beyond terrible. Louise Beavers is good in her role as Judy the maid who looks after the kid while Dad is at work.


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2 Responses to Outside The Law (1930)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I’d think it’s got to be interesting at least to have a kind-of parody of Robinson’s most famous work before it was ever created. I’m not sure of a similar case.

  2. vintage45 says:

    If you want to see a strange Robinson movie check out 1932’s,”The Hatchet Man”. He plays a Chinese assassin.

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