Jack The Ripper (1959)

jack the ripper 1959

Umpteenth version of the story is a pretty good presentation. The music is by Stanley Black. A superior version of the soundtrack was released in America in 1959 by Pete Rugolo.

This movie version opens with a voice asking a woman on the street if she is Mary Clarke. She isn’t but she’s still another victim of Jack The Ripper. A bunch of scared locals in a pub are bracing an American asking him why he’s been asking so many questions about The Ripper. Jack is rumored to be a foreigner. Maybe he’s….

The brawl is underway when Scotland Yard Inspector O’Neill (Eddie Byrne) breaks it up. The American is New York policeman Sam Lowry (Lee Patterson). He’s on leave and joins O’Neill in the hunt. The Ripper carries a black bag with surgical instruments and uses them on his victims.

At the Mercy Hospital for Women Dr.Trantner isn’t happy that his ward, Ann Ford, is starting to work there.   He’s really upset that she’s attracted to Sam. Sam and Ann go to a music hall where the main attraction are the Can Can dancers. One of them is new and the hall owner was warned by O’Neill to look out for her.

She’s only been there for a week when two amorous Lords come in. (A topless scene with French subtitles in the dressing room was censored in America). They want their usual “special” service upstairs. One of them wants the new girl. She’s naive but wises up fast when her dress is torn. She leaves the place and the owner tells an employee to go after her. “Are you Mary Clarke?” That’s it for her.

Sam and O’Neill track down Mary Clarke’s father. He hasn’t seen her for ten years and could care less and refers to her as a slut. He says a man carrying a black bag came looking for her a few months ago. At the hospital a patient named Kitty almost dies until Sir David Rogers takes over from Dr.Trantner.

While recovering, Kitty wants to go home early and gets her wish. Ann says she’ll visit her. After seeing her she returns to the hospital. While filling out a card Dr.Trantner notices that the name on Kitty’s birth certificate is…… Mary Clarke.

Now the movie raises the suspense level as it tells its version of the identity of The Ripper. This is a good one.

Lee Patterson played Dave Thorne on the TV series “Surfside 6” (1960-62).

In 1977 Eddie Byrne played General Willard in “Star Wars.”


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