5 Against The House (1955)

5 against the house 1955

Four college students including two Korean War vets plan to rob Harold’s Casino in Reno as a prank. The movie fails miserably because of the ill advised attempt at snappy repartee and clever one liners between the four. There’s not one funny line and it goes on for almost an hour. Just horrible. It would have been a good crime movie if they had just stayed with the planned caper and stopped trying to  be witty. The positive in this movie is the performance of Brian Keith as a vet who left the psych ward too early. Kim Novak sings a couple songs. Her voice was dubbed by Jo Ann Greer.

Four students at Midwestern University, Roy (Alvy Moore), Ronnie (Kerwin Mathews) and Korean Vets Al Mercer (Guy Madison) and Brick (Brian Keith) go to Harold’s Club in Reno for some laughs. A man tries to rob a cashier but the cops nab him thanks to security up in the eye in the sky. The cops tells the four that it’s impossible to rob the place.

Back at school Al heads to a nightclub where his girlfriend Kay (Kim Novak) is a singer. He’s studying law but wants to get married. She’s more cautious. Brick is approached by a girl who thought he would keep more contact with her. Her date for the night shows up and objects to the attention he pays to her. Brick warns him to back off. He doesn’t and Al has to break it up before Brick kills him. He tells Brick he should go back to the VA hospital but he refuses and gets mad at Al.

The next day Ronnie talks about how bored they all are. He remembers what the Reno cop says and devises a plan to rob Harold’s as a prank. He says it’ll take seven minutes and they’ll give the money back.

Brick says they need Al with them and he’ll bring him in. They tell Al that they’re heading to Reno for vacation. Al has an argument with Kay and says he’ll go with them. He doesn’t know what they’re up to. While he’s packing, Kay comes into the room. She says they should go to Reno and get married.

Ronnie is from a rich family so the money for the caper isn’t a problem. They get a trailer for the back of the car. Al finally discovers what’s really going on. He has Roy stop the car so he can go outside and talk to Brick. Nothing doing. Brick pulls a gun and says Kay will also be part of the plan so all five will be in on it. Brick says if he doesn’t cooperate he’ll kill him.

The movie finally takes an all serious turn but it’s way too late. Time to put the plan into action. They approach casino worker Eric Berg (William Conrad). He pushes the money cart from the counting room to the tables.

If I want to see a movie about a casino robbery I’ll stick with The Rat Pack in 1960’s “Oceans 11.”

Guy Madison’s most famous TV role was as the title character in “Adventures Of Wild Bill Hickok” (1951-58).

TV fans know Alvy Moore as Hank Kimball on “Green Acres” (1965-71).

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