Bowanga Bowanga (Wild Women) (1951)

bowanga bowanga (wild women) 1951

A cheeze classic. You’d expect to see Bettie Page in something like this but no such luck. Since it takes place in Africa there’s a lot of stock footage of animals for filler.

A small hunting party led by Count Michelangelo Sparafucile/Giuilo (Don Orlando) and Kirby (Morton C.Thompson) are in the wilds of Africa. The Count brought along some firecrackers. He thinks it would be fun to scare the natives with them.

They come across a man passed out on the trail. He’s Trent (Lewis Wilson). He has a wild story to tell about the Ulama, the white sirens of Africa. Native bearer Sunga (Clarence Brooks) is afraid of them.

Trent says his father brought him to Africa as a young boy. One day a leopard and a huge snake attacked his cabin. His friends escaped. His father comes back drunk. That was the first encounter with the Ulama.

Looks like its time for another one. Trent says he was captured but managed to escape and that’s when Kirby and The Count found him. Of course the three are eventually taken prisoner by the white sirens and their Queen Bonga Bonga (Dana Broccolli using the screen name Dana Wilson).

Someone is going to the fire god…but not yet. While Kirby and Trent sit in a cave The Count witnesses a cat fight. The High Priestess (Francis Dubay) has to lead the girls in a sexy dance. There are sexier centerfolds in Popular Mechanics. The dancers show why they’ll never be hired at The Copa….or anywhere else.

Down by the ol’ swimmin’ hole The Count brings out his mirror. Catfight number two. Bonga Bonga shows Kirby and Trent some men by a stream. She says they are husbands. She doesn’t have one. Hiding behind a rock one of the girls is tossing some nasty looks. She’s jealous that the Queen gets all the men as Kirby, The Count and Trent surround her.

Since she only wants one they’ll have to fight one of the girls to see who is the strongest. That’s the guy for her. The other two have a date with the fire god. First up is Kirby. The girl puts moves on him like she’s the Fabulous Moolah. Trent is another story.

You’ll be riveted to the screen in breathless wonder as you shudder with suspense. Will they escape? Will you?

Lewis Wilson was a regular on the TV series “Craig Kennedy,Criminologist” as Walt Jameson in 1952.

Dana Wilson-Broccolli was the wife of producer Albert Broccolli who did the James Bond movies.


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