The Catman Of Paris (1946)

the catman of paris 1946

A total bore from start to finish. It’s billed as a horror film but it doesn’t come close. Someone is murdering people in Paris. Some authorities are ready to believe the killer is a man who turns into a cat.

Charles Regnier (Carl Esmond) returns to Paris after spending time in India and Tibet. He’s the successful author of a book about a secret trial that the government wanted to keep that way for fifty years. He’s in a cafe watching the Can-Can girls with his friend Henri (Douglas Dumbrille) when he gets a headache and has to leave.

He’s walking around and has visions of a cat, lightning strikes and other images. A librarian has some documents implicating Charles that could cause him some damage. He’s later found clawed to death. Police Inspector Severen (Gerald Mohr with a French accent he keeps losing) suspects Charles as the Catman.

The book is about an old trial about a catman murder. Charles is suspected of getting the secret documents and his book is not fiction. Charles is engaged to society dame Marguerite Duval (Adele Mara). Her parents toss them a party. Out on a balcony he tells her he wants to break it off. She’s not going for it. Another headache and he’s off.

Later she sees him walking alone and calls him to her carriage. He gets in and she babbles and then looks at him. It’s the sound of a cat. So much for Ms.Duval. Charles is staying with his publisher. He digs his daughter Marie (Lenore Aubert). Henri says his weird behavior can be a return of a bout Charles had with amnesia after a bout of tropical fever.

Back to the cafe. This time with Marie. An artist at another table (John Dehner) makes a sketch of Marie on the tablecloth. A reporter comes in and mentions Marguerite’s murder to the artist and his friends and Charles is suspected. Charles and Marie are leaving when he’s spotted. The reporter says he can’t get away from four of them. That’s what he thinks. Charles takes care of all of them and even manages to pick up his hat before leaving.

Henri gets Charles and Marie out of town. They’re chased by police but their carriage overturns. During the chase Severn fires a number of shots at Charles but he’s not exactly a marksman. Henri takes them to a friend’s chateau before attempting to get him out of the country.

He tells Charles bloody gloves were found in Marguerite’s carriage but they’re not his. Charles goes to get some shuteye. Henri tells Marie they really were Charles’ gloves and she could be in danger. He gives her a gun.

The ending is asinine and very predictable. So you’ll get the idea there are a number of cats throughout the movie. A complete waste of time.


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