Jungle Bride (1933)

jungle bride 1933

No debate. This is one of the dumbest movies ever made. The budget couldn’t handle hostile natives but they did manage the usual stock footage of animals. To say this is awful is too much of a compliment.

Gordon Wayne (Charles Starrett) is accused of murder. Reporter John Franklin (Kenneth Thompson) tracked him down to Capetown and is now bringing him back for trial. With him is his fiancee Doris Evans (Anita Page). Her brother is in jail for the crime and she’s convinced he’s innocent. Also along is Gordon’s long time friend Eddie (Eddie Borden). Gordon is the life of the party as he’s never far from his guitar. The passengers seem to think he’s guilty but don’t really care.

The ship has some kind of trouble causing it to sink. Gordon, Eddie and Doris get away and land on a beach on the African coast. Unfortunately Gordon’s guitar also survives. He’ll use it later to prove he can’t sing or play. While setting up camp they hear someone yelling from way down at the beach. It’s Franklin who is hanging onto a lifeboat.

The four form an uneasy alliance and build a shelter all while being watched by a couple playful chimps. The men go exploring and watch animal footage. Back at camp Doris is being threatened by a lion. Gordon gets back and has a wrestling match with it. He gets him down for the three count and then uses a knife so there won’t be a rematch.

Franklin’s not happy about Gordon the hero and becomes even more of a jerk. Obviously Doris and Gordon are hooking up. He refuses to tell her the real story that her brother is actually guilty. He patches up the lifeboat so they just might be able to get out of there after a month or so of eating turtle eggs and anything else they find.

Off in the distance is some wreckage. They go out to it and there’s Captain Anderson from the ocean liner. This leads to one of any movies stupidest scenes. It’s so bad it’s hard to believe that anyone who has any film making sense would have spent even a penny to keep it. This isn’t kindergarten writing, this is prenatal.

This is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.


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