The Bridge Of Sighs (1936)

Onslow Stevens

Onslow Stevens

Dull one about an innocent man in prison and the woman determined to get him out. There’s nothing interesting to latch on to. All concerned just go through the motions.

Assistant D.A. Jeff Powell (Onslow Stevens) wants to marry Marion Courtney (Dorothy Tree). He doesn’t know that she has a detective agency looking for her brother. At a nightclub Jeff shows her a ring he got for her. She tells him not yet.

Jeff leaves for a moment and in walks Harry West (Paul Fix). Marion spots him and of course it’s her brother. He tells her he’ll talk to her later as he joins a table that includes Neselli, a gambler he’s in debt to. Also there are henchmen Arny Norman, Packy Lacy (Jack La Rue) and moll Evelyn Thane (Mary Doran).

Harry wants to get a chance to get into another game but it’s not going to happen. They all leave and Neselli is killed by Arny. He hides the gun in Evelyn’s purse. Harry is arrested and tried for murder. He’s comvicted and gets the death penalty. At the trial Evelyn testifies that she had the gun and Harry’s lawyer demands she be charged with having the murder weapon. She’s found guilty and gets a year in the big house.

Marion leaves a note for Jeff that she had to leave town and will be in touch later. She uses the name Mary Court and gets into the prison and becomes Evelyn’s cellmate. There’s no clue as to what crime she committed or how she pulled it off. Arny sets up a prison break for Evelyn and Marion goes along. They all end up at a country hideout. Also there is the dimwitted Tommy who says Mary (Marion) looks familiar but he can’t remember where he saw her before. Lester sells taffy and was on the street outside the club and saw it all. He’s also in the hideout.

Jeff and Homicide Captain P.G.Otheron get a tip and head for the hideout. They hide in a barn and set when Arnry leaves that gives them a chance to set up a microphone inside the house. Arny returns and Evelyn has about had it with his moves on Mary (Marion).

The movie makes no sense and has plot holes you can drive a truck through. It’s a total waste of time.



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