Forbidden Jungle (1950)

forbidden jungle 1950

Hands down this is one of the absolute worst movies ever made. No debate. It contains the usual stock footage of animals. When they couldn’t think of any more inane dialogue for the so-called actors to stumble through we’re treated with the antics of a group of chimps. A soundstage stands in for a jungle.

Tom Burton is a successful hunter. This time he’s been hired by a wealthy client to find out if there really is a boy living in the jungle. He stands to make some big bucks. He has a tiger in a cage that he brings with him because he got the assignment before he could hop a plane with his maneating pal.

Tom, the tiger and his natives stop into a village where Trader Kirk lives. Kirk tells him animals can’t be killed. That’s the law. So there. Tom tells him he’s looking for the son of Cyrus Adams who died along with his wife in the jungle. His client is the boys grandfather. He wants the boy brought back to America. Kirk says he lives in the forbidden jungle where no white man has ever returned.

In the jungle is a boy named Tawa (Robert Cabal) who plays with all the animals, lions, a panther,a snake and assorted chimps. Native girl Nita stops by from the village to warn him about Tom. While Tom and his natives head into the forbidden jungle Nita takes Tawa back to see Kirk. He tells Tawa about his background and how he raised him. He warns him that Tom wants to take him back with him.

Tom finally spots Tawa. His lion pal is sitting near him looking really bored. Can’t fault him for that. Tawa convinces Tom to put his rifle down and shows him how he communicates with the lion. He and Tom become pals and gets excited when he hears about Broadway.

For whatever reason a native poisons Tom’s water supply. Nita and Tawa nurse Tom back to health in twelve days. Those wacky chimps manage to let the tiger loose. Tawa thinks he can handle him and give him some therapy. The tiger isn’t interested and starts a fight with the panther and then takes on all comers. He’s even got his eye on Tom and Tawa. Will Tawa ever get to walk along Broadway?

You will be amazed at how bad a movie can be. This is not so bad it’s good. It is beyond putrid. If you dare to watch it at home make sure to keep a window open to let the stink out.

Robert Cabal played Hey Soos on “Rawhide” (1959-65).



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2 Responses to Forbidden Jungle (1950)

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    I am most intrigued, now. I shall blame you if I ever see it.

  2. vintage45 says:

    Can’t pass up the classics.

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