Ghosts On The Loose (1943)

ghosts on the loose 1943

Ava Gardner’s first screen credit after appearing in a number of uncredited roles. Bela Lugosi doesn’t have a whole lot to do but Leo Gorcy, Huntz Hall and the gang are never off screen. It’s the goofy fun you’d expect. Despite the title there aren’t any ghosts real or otherwise.

Glimpy’s (Huntz Hall) sister Betty (Ava Gardner) is getting married to Jack. Mugs (Leo Gorcey) leads the gang in singing a hymn. He keeps having to wake up Dave the organist. There are a number of gags including what happens when Mugs sends some of the guys out to get some flowers and a suit for best man Glimpy.

Jack bought a house in the suburbs at a real cheap price. Emil (Bela Lugosi) and his gang are up to some shady business in the big house next door. He sends real estate agent Tony (Wheeler Oakman) to buy the house back from Jack at double the price. He says the house next door is haunted.  Jack takes five hundred as a down payment. Tony gives him a card with the address next door as where to write him when Jack and Betty get back from their honeymoon. After the wedding Jack wipes his face with a handkerchief and the card falls out and Glimpy picks it up and thinks that’s the address of the place Jack bought.

Jack and Betty start to check into a hotel. A message has been left for them with a room number in the hotel. It’s Sarah Elwood the former owner of the place Jack bought. She says there are strange things going on next door.  She also calls the cops. Jack and Betty decide to ho and check it out.

Mugs leads the gang into the old house with plans to redecorate it for the happy couple. They go to the place Jack really bought and take all the furniture to the big house. Emil and his gang try to scare them out.  The guys go into the cellar and discover what’s really going on. Glimpy is afraid Jack may be part oi it all. He and the East Side Kids still think the big house is Jack’s. They take the evidence next door.

Lots of mad scrambles, a revolving book case and secret passages are in the mix.  Bela and Ava don’t have any scenes together. Fans of the East Side Kids or as they were also known, The Bowery Boys will like this entry in the series.

The East Side Kids

The East Side Kids

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