Deadly Duo (1962)

deadly duo 1962

Bland time waster about a wealthy grandmother who wants to buy her grandson from her son’s widow Sabina. Her twin sister and sleazy husband plot to get the money for themselves.

Lenora Spence has her lawyer bring in a down on his luck lawyer to help get her grandson. She’s offers Preston Morgan (Craig Hill) fifty grand to go to Acapulco and make Sabina (Marcia Henderson) sign away her young son Billy to Lenora. She’ll get a half million bucks.

Lenora never approved of the marriage since Sabina was a dancer with her twin sister Dara (Marcia Henderson). The act broke up five years ago when Sabina married Robbie Spence. He was recently killed in a car race. After some hemming and hawing Preston agrees to head for Mexico.

Sabina turns him down flat. Dara and her husband John (Robert Lowery) want her to take the money. John wants it so he can build a nightclub. The one he has is bankrupt. Dara works there as a stripper. As Preston is leaving Billy asks for a ride in his car and gets in. Manuel Lopez was Robbie’s mechanic and has stayed on as a man of all work. He’s loyal to Sabina and protective of Billy. No rides with strangers.

Preston gets back to the hotel. Manuel is waiting and jumps him. The cops show up and haul Manuel to jail.  Lt.Reyes wants Preston at the police station the next morning even though Preston says he doesn’t want to bring charges. At the station Sabina is there. Under the circumstances they make a date to have a day at the beach. You know where that’s going.

No matter what kind of arguments Dara presents Sabina refuses to take the money. Back in L.A. Lenora and her lawyer Thorne Fletcher see an article in the paper about the assault at the hotel. They decide to fly down there.

John and Dara aren’t sitting still. They come up with a master plan. It all leads to a really insulting ending and makes this one to avoid.

Craig Hill played pilot P.T.Moore in “Whirlybirds” (1957-60).

Robert Lowery had many movie and TV roles but his most famous was Batman in the 1949 movie “Batman And Robin.”

Marcia Henderson as the evil Dara laying the charm on Craig Hill

Marcia Henderson as the evil Dara laying the charm on Craig Hill


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1 Response to Deadly Duo (1962)

  1. Donnalee says:

    Does sound unappealing–thanks for the review. I guess it shows what some American people’s fantasies were at the time–money, Acapulco, whatever–and that the rich and the poor both existed and clashed.

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