Convicted (1931)

Aileen Pringle


Actress Claire Norville (Aileen Pringle) is named in a divorce proceeding by a Broadway producer’s wife. It’s not her fault. She decides to take a cruise to L.A. to forget it all. Guess who follows her? That’s right, the producer. He has the hots for her and says she owes her success to him. She just wants him to go away.

The producer, Tony Blair, meets an aquaintance, Bruce Allan a criminolgist with the Times.  Later on, Allan sees Blair annoying Claire and he makes him go away. Blair gets into a poker game which includes a professional gambler, a card cheat and the ship’s wireless operator. He loses big time. After accusing the cheat of cheating, he pays him off anyway. The cheat threatens him for his remark. Blair refusesd to pay off the pro gambler. Bad blood all around.

Of course Blair is found murdered. Allan calls eveyone together and questions one and all, one by one. He shows them a blunt object that connected with Blair’s head. Claire confesses she conked him. But, so what. He died of a knife wound.

It’s revealed that Blair stole a hundred thousand bucks from his firm and stashed it in his cabin. Guess what’s missing? Now we see the wireless operater pointing up a stairway threatening someone that he’ll talk unless he gets his cut. He gets his cut alright. One more body.

Now some money is found in Clair’s cabin. Oh boy. It doesn’t look good. Leave it to Allan to solve everything before the ship docks.

If you get a chance to see this……skip it.

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