Double Cross-Mike Moran (William Ard) (1953)

Tom Doran is hired to bodyguard boxer Rudy Walker. Gangster Frankie Palm is trying to get him away from his manager Blinky Miller. Walker is training to fight Gus Cominsky. If he beats him, he gets a shot at the champ. The champ is owned by Palm. If he gets Walker, he’ll own the champ and the challenger.

Palm sends honey trap Velma to the training camp. Walker bats her around but she has a job to do. Palm has also had his boys “convince” any sparring partner that’s been hired to leave camp. One even had an “accident.”

Doran has his hands full with Velma and Janet, the owner of the farm location of the camp. More sparring partners are hired. One of them falls under Velma’s spell. She tells him to box Walker the way Palm wants him to. He does for a while and then refuses to cooperate. Frankie’s boys pay him a visit. He won’t be boxing for a long time. Doran tries to interfere and gets knocked around for his efforts.

Palm’s boys kidnap Janet, the farm owner and Doran’s new girlfriend. He rescues her and puts some bullets into the boys. That’s enough for Blinky. The training camp is broken up and Blinky commits suicide. Walker is now owned by Palm. Doran steps in.

This is a good action filled noir quickie. You can probably read it before the light changes. It’s defintely designed to read on a bus or train trip in one shot. It’s a good one from a noir pro.

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