The Ultimate Weapon (Uncertainty)-John W. Campbell (1936)

From those thrilling days of yesteryear. Earth along with the solar system is being invaded by aliens from the Miran system. Their planets are getting too cold so it’s time to look for someplace else to live.

This is very dated but still interesting to see what the magazine serials of the day were doing to keep readers coming back. This one is from Amazing Stories.

The Intersetellar Patrol spots a huge FTL ship headed our way. It’s already destroyed some mining facilities on Pluto and grabbed an IP ship. Buck Kendell and Rad Cole escape by using a tender. Kendell has mucho bucks and gets started on building a weapon to destroy the invaders.

Hundreds of ships are on the way with the first stop Jupiter and then attacks on Mars and the Moon. The battle is on with atomic bombs, UV rays and other goodies.Kendell thinks the answer is Ultimate Uncertainty.

The book has a few scenes with the aliens but doesn’t go into anything special. The cover reflects Campbell’s description of them. Despite a lot of action the book’s heroes are the scientists as opposed to the usual steroid freaks with swords.

John W. Campbell,Jr.


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