Hart To Hart (1979-84)

hart to hart

Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers are Jonathan and Jennifer Hart. Jonathan is a millionaire and CEO of his own company. That doesn’t stop the rich couple from doing some amateur detecting on crimes including espionage and murder. Lionel Stander is their cook etc. It’s a mix of lame comedy, romance and lukewarm suspense.

Pilot episode: August 25,1979 – “Hart To Hart” w/Roddy McDowell, Jill St.John, Eugene Roche, Clifton James, Michael Lerner and Stella Stevens. Written by Sidney Sheldon – Sam Robbins, a good friend of Jonathan’s is late for a poker game. Jonathan and friends don’t know it but Sam is at The Golden Goose Health Farm. He leaves by driving down a curvy road. Lights are flashing and he crashes and burns. His death is ruled a suicide.

Sam’s widow tells Jonathan that Sam had been edgy for a while and was seeing an analyst. Jonathan calls on Dr.Metz and sees a patient, actress Sylvia Maxwell (Jill St.John) lying in a crib. Metz is obviously some kind of charlatan.

Jonathan goes to the resort to investigate. It’s run by Dr.Peterson (Roddy McDowell) and Dr.Fielding, nicknamed Mouse (Stella Stevens). Jennifer Hart establishes herself as Miss Channing from Santa Barbara. They go through the way overdone storyline of hating each other as a cover. Jonathan gives himself a phony name to Peterson and Fielding. As soon as he leaves their office Metz comes in and tells them who Jonathan really is.

As the pilot crawls along Jonathan is almost bitten by a rattlesnake. Jennifer befriends Sylvia. Sylvia mentions anxiety sessions. They’re not listed in the brochure. That revelation causes Fielding to bump her off during an acupuncture session.

Jennifer wants to go home but Jonathan convinces her to see it through and get into whatever an anxiety session is. Jonathan conducts an investigation of his own. The suspense is flat and the solution can be seen a mile away. A lot of padding in this pilot and it even has a tacked on ending that makes a long episode even longer for no apparent reason.

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