The Maze (1953)

Not a bad 3-D horror movie until the goofy payoff. This one has a fog shrouded Scottish castle, a mysterious maze of hedges and a …whatever it is. It’s told via flashback from Aunt Edith.

Gerald McTeam (Richard Carlson) is engaged to the lovely Kitty. At their engagement party he explains to Edith about the rules at the family castle. All doors to be locked at night, no one is allowed into the maze and the tower is strictly off limits.

He gets a letter from William the butler to come at once to the castle. He’s hasn’t been there in fifteen years. His uncle is dying. Even though he doesn’t know him, Gerald goes anyway. Two weeks go by and Kitty hasn’t heard a thing. She sends some cables. She finds out they’ve been received but she never got an answer.

Now she gets a letter from Gerald breaking the engagement. That’s not going to stop our girl from dragging Edith out to the castle. They get dropped off in the fog. Gerald is so glad to see them he tells them to turn around and get out. Oh, okay, they can stay the night. Maybe they can figure out why Gerald has aged at least twenty years. They don’t know a cleaning woman died in the maze.

Kitty hears a strange crawling sound outside her door. She finds a hidden pasage that leads to the tower. Despite cobwebs and bats she goes to a window. It overlooks the maze. The next morning Edith is sneezing. Kitty uses that as an excuse to stay on. She manages to post a letter inviting four friends to the castle. One of them is a doctor. One night Edith goes exploring. She goes into Gerald’s room and sees….a what. She screams,. She faints.

Their doctor pal thinks Gerald may be nuts. At dinner he tells them all they have to leave in the morning. Edith grabs a key and gives it to Kitty. It just happens to fit every lock in the joint. That night they see Gerald and his two servants carrying something in a sheet. There’s that noise again.

Edith and Kitty go outside and into the maze. What will they find? The ending is dumb but it’s not too bad leading up to it.


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