The Polly Bergen Show (1957-58)

polly bergenThe Singer’s thirty minute variety show that always ended with her doing “The Party’s Over.”

March 8,1958 episode: Polly opens with “This Is My Lucky Day”…Polly introduces a bright young comedian, Mr.Midnight, Jack Paar. Announcer Bill Wendell announces Jack and Polly reading from the book of announcer mistakes. Very lame bit….Ann Jeffries and Robert Sterling take a break from playing George and Marian Kerby on “Topper” with a Max Factor commercial.

Polly and the dancers do “It Takes Two To Tango.”…Jack talks about how The Tonight Show discovered Jonathan Winters and then the Singing Dogs who had a big hit with “Jungle Bells.”. It’s another lame bit as Jack brings the dogs out….Polly with a Max Factor commercial.

Polly sings “Everytime We Say Goodbye” and “I’m Through With Love.”…Once again it’s Jack with the dogs. It’s only thirty seconds….Polly ends the show by plugging her album, “The Party’s Over.”

March 22,1958 episode: Polly opens the show with “Just In Time”…Polly brings out the star of “Do You Trust Your Wife?”, Johnny Carson. They do some magic tricks. Then they give their version of the up coming Academy Awards. They honor old movies soon to be seen on TV. It doesn’t work. Very poorly written….Ann Jeffries with a Max Factor commercial.

Polly and the singers and dancers perform “Temptation.”…Johnny’s back with a horrible bit about if he could produce his own show. Then he does impressions of Ed Sullivan and Edward R.Murrow. Not funny…Polly with a Mac Factor commercial.

Polly sings “Make The Man Love Me” and “All The Way.”…Max Factor commercial….Polly says goodbye to Johnny and sings “The Party’s Over” and plugs her next show with guest Bob Hope.

Who knew in 1958 with these two episodes that in 1962 Johnny Carson would take over “The Tonight Show” from previous guest Jack Paar?


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