Violated (1953)

violated 1953

Grind house special about a serial killer with a fetish for hair. Of course the “acting” is terrible, especially from Lili Dawn as a stripper. Her less than a minute dance routines are beyond embarrassing. It’s all to the guitar of Tony Mottola.

Hooker Ellen Tinker is murdered and her hair is cut off. Lt.Mack McCarthy is convinced the killer is nuts and enlists the help of psychiatrist Dr.Jason. Newspaper reporter Gardner is told to go to Bellevue to interview Jason. Before he gets there Jason is interviewing child molester George Mastro. George says he’s okay since he’s been out of jail for three months.

Gardner arrives and Jason explains his theory about the murder. Meanwhile George follows Susan Grant, an aspiring model. She drops her portfolio. Picking it up is Greenwich Village photographer Jan Verbig (Wm.Holland). He tells her she’s just what he’s looking for and to drop by his studio. Later on the phone and setting up a time for her to show up Jan is photographing stripper Lili Damar. That night there’s another victim. She’s Mary Barrow. She worked at the same club as Lili.

The investigation leads McCarthy’s partner Dana to Mary’s mother’s house where a picture is found with Jan’s name on the back. The cops have done a round up of pervs. McCarthy thinks one of them is who he’s looking for. A visit to Jan’s studio. He says he doesn’t remember much about Mary. That night he drops in on Lili at the club. She tries to hit him up for a hundred bucks for her poor sister. He says he doesn’t have it.

They go back to her place. At the door she tells him to take a hike because he can’t afford her. He’s shattered since he’s gone on her. He storms off. The next day he sends her flowers with a note of apology. She tears it up. He calls her and she tells him off. That night when she gets home from the club Jan is inside her apartment. She’s danced her last dance.

Jan leaves by the fire escape. A neighbor yells for the cops. Jan gets away. There’s another perv round up. This time George gets caught in the net. He gets indignant but McCarthy soon settles him down.  Then a hot lead comes in. The ending has Dr.Jason explaining it all with some admittedly corny dialogue.

There’s no real reason to waste time with this one unless you’re in the mood for a movie with a budget taken out of spare change and some laughable “acting” and “writing”.

Lili Dawn entertains as Lili Damar

Lili Dawn entertains as Lili Damar


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