The Magnavox Theatre (1950) Episode: Hurricane At Pilgrim Hill

the magnavox theatre-the hurricane at pilgrim hill

This anthology series only lasted seven episodes. This was the last one. It was broadcast December 9,1950. It was a bit of fun but around the halfway point sunk in its own silliness.

There is a funny opening with two Indians selling trinkets at a train station. They’re really oil rich and are having fun pretending to be stereotypes. This is the town of Prairie Falls, Wyoming. It’s leading citizen is the elderly Sam “Bigmouth” Smedley (Clem Bevans) There’s a quick appearance by Billy Gray who later gained fame as Bud on “Father Knows Best” (1954-60).

Sam is on his way to Pilgrim Hill,Massachusetts to see his granddaughter Janet (Virginia Grey). Her husband Tom (David Bruce) is an attorney and his major client is Jonathan Smith (Cecil Kellaway). He’s the richest man in town and runs it. When Sam gets off the train Smith is there with Tom and Janet to greet him. Sam pretends to think Smith is their butler. Getting a kick out of it all is Steve. He’s the town handyman and wants to marry Smith’s daughter Debbie. Smith refuses to let him on his property.

The next day Tom is practicing golf in his backyard. Sam hits a ball through a protective canvas and it goes all the way over to Smith’s place next door. After hearing about Steve and Debbie, Sam hits three golf balls through Smith’s window. It’s all a plan to get handyman Steve over there to fix the window. Smith wants Sam arrested for destroying property. The sheriff can’t do it after hearing about the law from Tom who stands up for his family.

Now the episode starts to fall apart as there’s a ridiculous scene at the golf course when Sam proves how far he can drive a ball. He sends one onto the green and into Smith. Smith finally asks him to show him how to hit a ball that far. Sam’s plan is to show him but on a island Smith owns off the coast of the town.

The next day the sheriff sees Sam doing a rain dance. He wants to conjure up a hurricane that’ll drown Sam while he’s stuck on the island, that way Steve and Debbie can get married. It doesn’t work. But there has been a storm in the area for about a week. It’s turning into a hurricane.

Sam tells Steve and Debbie all about it and they’re horrified at Sam’s actions. He says Steve can take a boat to the island and save Smith. Sam and Janet all go along. There’s a moralistic segment before it’s all over that doesn’t work. The ending is also out of left field without an ounce of believability.



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