Liane,Jungle Goddess (1956)

liane,jungle goddess 1956

Who is that topless blonde swinging through the trees? This West German production lets you know if she’s just a wacko or an heiress.

The movie opens like the pages of National Geographic Magazine….topless natives dancing and playing jungle drums, lots of animals and…something not found in the magazine, a topless blonde.

An expedition is taking photos, taping the drums and doing whatever else an expedition is supposed to do. Photographer Thoren (Hardy Kruger) is wandering around when all of a sudden he runs across some hostile natives. He falls in a pit. He knows they’re hostile because one is wearing a top hat and doesn’t call him Bwana.

They nailed him when he picked up a lion cub and now he’s in a pit with spears pointed at him. Lucky for him a topless blonde comes along and tells her native pals to leave him alone. He goes back to camp and no one believes him. He grabs his trusty camera to get some photographic proof.

Two other members of the expedition have a better idea. They toss a net over her. The natives bring out their blow guns and then pound on the jungle drums. While they do their thing the expedition members carry her back and Dr.Jacqueline Goddard takes care of her even though she’s attracted to Thoren. This little subplot goes nowhere so we’re spared some soap opera.

That’s it for topless fans as Jacqueline gives her a shower, cuts her hair and puts some clothes on her. She’s wearing a necklace with the letter L on it. Thoren tries to find out who she is and heads for Port Said. Sneaking along is the girls’ native pal Tanga (Jean Pierre Faye) and the lion cub, Simba.

In Hamburg a newspaper article is printed and seen by shipping magnate Theo Amelongen. It may be his long lost granddaughter Liane (Marion Michael) who went down with a ship when she was two. His sleazy nephew Viktor Schoninck (Reggie Nalder) sees his inheritance going out the window.

Thoren, Liane, Tanga and Simba all go to Hamburg and stay at Theo’s mansion. There are the usual dumb scenes of Liane overjoyed by electricity and running water. Looks like Thoren has discovered evidence that may prove Liane really is Theo’s granddaughter. Viktor hires a man to lie and say he saw her drown in the shipwreck.

When the evidence is going to prove it Theo is found murdered. Tanga’s knife is on the floor.

No surprises here. The movie is just what you’d expect. It’s not as bad as it could have been. Reggie Nalder makes a good slime. Of course Marion Michael is easy on the eyes.

Reggie Nalder played some great villains in movies as well as TV. One example was as the vampire Kurt Barlow in   “Salem’s Lot” (1979).

TV audiences know Hardy Kruger as Field Marshall Rommel in “War And Remembrance” (1988-89).

Marion Michael as Liane

Marion Michael as Liane

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