Terrified (1963)

terrified 1963

If you like to watch movies just to see how much worse they can get….here ya go.

Joey is lying in a grave as the cement pours in. He sees a masked man. He asks who he is and the man says he knows him. Joey’s mind snaps right before the opening credits.

Mr.and Mrs.Hawley are driving along, probably headed for a bad actors convention, when a car is coming straight at them. They narrowly avoid it. Shaken up they stop at a diner run by Wesley Blake (Stephen Roberts). He gives them their drinks on the house.

At another table are college students David Baker (Steve Drexler) and Marge (Tracy Olsen) the hostess. They’re joined by their friend Ken Lewis (Rod Lauren). He’s a psychology student who is writing a midterm paper on terror. He says he was almost run off the road.

Marge wants to go to ghost town, an old west ghost town outside of town. She wants to ask caretaker Crazy Bill about her brother Joey. On the way David confesses that he’s attracted to her and she says she doesn’t want to have to choose just yet between him and Ken. They talk about her family and how her father and mother died in accidents. David says it looks like someone may be trying to get rid of everyone close to her so they can have her.

(At this point if you were paying attention, a bit of dialogue earlier on gives the whole thing away and you won’t have to watch anymore).

When they get there they can’t find Crazy. They get a weird feeling and then hear some strange organ music. They head to the cemetery and there’s Crazy. His body is impaled on the spikes of a fence.

Ken drives up. Marge and David say they’re going to report Crazy’s death to the sheriff (Denver Pyle). Now Ken is on his own. No he’s not. There’s a masked lunatic dogging his trail. He locks him in a room so Ken can freak out about spiders. Ken breaks out and runs around. He goes into the old jailhouse and sees a noose. A voice tells him to put it around his neck. Ken is not in a cooperative mood.

Now the lunatic tries to shoot him. He’s a bad shot. He does manage to have Ken fall through a trap door so he can strangle him until he passes out. When he comes to water is pouring out of a pipe. Ken asks to be let out. A voice says he’s going to die…but not just yet.

Meanwhile Marge and David stop at a diner so David can call the sheriff. Two of their friends are there and tell Marge Joey hit a guard over the head and escaped from the hospital. The dispatcher tells David the sheriff is bringing a prisoner in with the original name of Killer Jones. When he dumps him off he’ll be at the cemetery.

By now Ken is let out of his trap and is able to start running around again. Not much luck this time as he caught and buried alive. Marge and David come back and notice Ken’s car is gone. Now they hear that organ music again. The masked man is  trying his talent at the keys. He doesn’t have much.

Unlike Ken, Marge and David walk instead of run around. The ending is a while in coming….or maybe it just seems that way. If you have eighty minutes to throw away, here’s the trash can.


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