Sorry! (1981-88)


Ronnie Corbett of “The Two Ronnies” fame plays Timothy Lumsden a forty-one year old librarian who still lives at home with his domineering mother Phyllis and Sydney his henpecked father. He’d like to be able to leave home and get a woman but he can’t stand up to Mum. She’s played by Barbara Lott. Dad is played by William Moore. The show can be hard to take as a lot of the jokes fall flat and the mother role lacks a decent sense of humor. Moore is funny as the father.

April 29,1982 episode: “Perchance To Dream” –  Timothy is so nervous about an upcoming job interview he’s having nightmares. The first one has him back at school as his adult self. He can’t answer any of the headmasters questions. He wakes up in the kitchen.

His mother says he must get a haircut before the interview and she’ll give him one. She’s distracted when Sydney tries to hide that he’s smoking a cheroot. Timothy wonders if he should see someone involved with Freud. Sydney tells him not to us language like that.

Later Sydney overhears him leaving a long message for a psychiatrist. He’s explaining how his father ruined a sexual experience for him when he was young. Sydney tells him about his dream of being in a harem. It was spoiled when Timothy barged in. Later on Timothy dreams he’s a cabin boy and the Captain is the headmaster. He’s in trouble again and runs through a locked door. There’s Sydney and his harem.

He gets to the psychotherapist’s office and is surprised that it’s a woman he has to talk to about his problem. She tells him not to worry about the interview and just enjoy himself. He should also change the suit he’s wearing that his mother bought him because it’s boring.

Back home he has to keep avoiding his mother so he can change into a red sweater and blue ascot. At the interview he makes an idiot of himself. Now he has to go home and report to mother.

Corbett really got on my nerves in this episode and I wished I had skipped it.


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