The Rag Trade (1961-63)- revived (1977-78)

the rag trade

Very funny show that takes place in a clothing factory called Fenner’s Fashions. Reg Varney is foreman Reg Turner. The funniest of all is Miriam Karlin as shop steward Paddy Fleming. Shelia Hancock is the sexy Carol Taylor, Esma Cannon is the older Lily who seems to have a screw loose. Look fast for Judy Carne years before her international fame as the “Sock It To Me” girl on “Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In” (1967-73). Barbara Windsor from the “Carry On” gang played Gloria. Later she became a major star as Peg in “The EastEnders.”

October 20,1962 episode: “Early Start” – The girls manage to stumble into work. Carol got a ride on a motorbike. She didn’t have time to change out of her baby doll nightgown. Reg is all nervous. Mr.Davis from a major store is on his way to hopefully place a big order. Mr.Fenner )Peter Jones) is counting on it to keep the business going strong.

Reg wants the girls to be more conscientious so he installs a time clock. The girls aren’t happy that they now get paid only for when they work. If they’re late, no money. They soon take care of that by destroying the clock.

Mr.Davis placed an order for twenty blouses and will be in to pick them up. The girls are distracted by seeing in the newspaper that a horse named Paddy is running that day. Paddy and Carol mange to get Reg’s wallet and take five pounds for a bet. They need the money. Carol is trying to roll cigarettes. It’s a disaster.

There’s a slapstick sequence where Reg is trying to listen to the race on the radio. They have a winner. Not so fast. Lily sewed the winning ticket into one of the blouses. Before Mr.Davis can take them the girls grab them and say they need to be inspected further. Now in a frenzy they start tearing them apart.

This is one of the older series that should be seen again.

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