Mine Own Executioner (1947)

mine own executioner 1947

Burgess Meredith is excellent as a therapist questioning his own role in life as he tries to help others. He doesn’t have much confidence in his abilities and is about to quit until a woman comes in and wants him to talk with her husband. He’s a former RAF pilot and has changed since the war.

Felix Milne (Burgess Meredith) is a psychologist who has a successful practice and also devotes some time at a clinic. He keeps reminding people he’s not a doctor. He’s married to Pat (Dulcie Gray), She may be clumsy but she’s cute and supportive and puts up with his temper. He wants to hang it up and isn’t happy about seeing a woman who made an appointment.

His new patient shows up. She’s Mollie Lucian (Barbara White). She wants Felix to talk to her husband Adam (Kieron Moore). He was a POW in a Japanese prison camp during the war after being shot down. Felix has some major problems of his own. His friend’s wife Babs has him charmed and an affair is underway. He goes to buy Pat a fur coat and runs into Babs who helps him pick out a coat. When he gives it to Pat, Babs shows up. She lets out how she tried it on and helped Felix buy it. She leaves and that almost causes a rift. That’s the way Felix’s life is going.

He agreed to see Adam. There’s obviously something wrong. When leaving, Adam takes Felix’s walking stick. Things get worse as Mollie tells Felix that Adam tried to strangle her. When he comes in for his next visit, Felix gives him a drug to help open him up. He goes through his experiences during the war when he was shot down and captured in the jungle.

One night when Felix is with Babs at her place the phone rings. It’s Pat. Big trouble with Adam. The movie now goes into suspense mode. The first two-third may drag for viewers looking for all suspense but hang in there and enjoy Meredith’s performance all the way through.

Dulcie Gray starred as Kate Harvey in “Howards’ Way” (1985-90).

Dulcie Gray

Dulcie Gray


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