The World Of Wooster (1965-67)

the world of wooster

Funny show based on the stories of P.G.Wodehouse. Ian Carmichael plays the rich and wacky Bertie Wooster and Dennis Price is Jeeves the butler.

January 4,1966 episode: “Jeeves And The Delayed Exit Of Claude And Eustace” – Bertie’s irresponsible cousins Claude and Eustace call on him. They just got back from a scavenger hunt. They brought with them a box with four cats, a hat and the handle from a tram car. Jeeves handles it before Bertie comes downstairs.

Bertie wants them gone because Sir Humphrey Wardour is coming over. He’s stuffy and Bertie wants to make a good impression on him because he has his eye on his daughter Marion.

Sir Humphrey arrives and makes himself comfortable. He tells Bertie he heard a cat. Not knowing what his cousins left he says he doesn’t have a cat. Sir Humphrey tells him that earlier that day someone snatched the hat off his head while he was in his car. Of course he comes across the hat and the cats. Bertie may not have much of a chance with Marion after all that.

Bertie’s Aunt Agatha stops by. She wants Bertie to put up Claude and Eustace for the night. The next day they’re supposed to take a boat to South Africa. Uncle Oliver is there with Agatha. He doesn’t say a word but keeps trying to track down some booze.

The show revolves around how Claude and Eustace make Bertie’s life miserable including at a nightclub where he’s with Marion.

What makes this show is the acting of Carmichael and Price. There aren’t too many episodes available but any that are left are worth checking out.



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  1. Donnalee says:

    I love Wodehouse, or at least his writing–this might be worth looking out for. Thanks!

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