Voodoo Woman (1957)

voodoo woman 1957

It doesn’t get much worse than this and that’s exactly why you should see it. The unintended laughs just don’t stop in this story about a mad scientist and an evil woman’s determination to go for the gold. 1940’s star Tom Conway’s career has really hit the skids. Mike Connors was still calling himself Touch Connors. Sit back and enjoy the voodoo.

Dr.Roland Gerard (Tom Conway) watches witch doctor Chaka put native girl Zuranda under a spell with a voodoo doll. Then Gerard pumps some serum into her and…instant monster. Chaka tries to warn him but will he listen? Nope. Zuranda finally comes out of it and he takes her to his lab. Inside the house is his wife Susan who he’s keeping a virtual prisoner. He’s has her guarded by Gandor.

Meanwhile in town where there aren’t any cops we go inside Marcel’s bar. Marilyn Blanchard (Marla English) and her boyfriend Rick are trying to figure out what the voodoo symbols are that were drawn by Harry West. Harry and Rick are heading for a trip upriver. Hr doesn’t want Marilyn along and he tells Rick that she killed her last boyfriend.

Marcel gets a singer to distract Harry so Marilyn and Rick can search his room. Harry notices the two are missing and buys a gun from Marcel for five bucks. He goes upstairs and catches them. Marilyn pulls a gun. Harry pulls his. He tries to shoot Marilyn. Guess what doesn’t work? Marilyn blows him away. Into the bar comes Ted Bronson (Touch Connors). He’s the guide Harry hired to take them on their little trek. Marilyn tells him she’s Harry’s boss and that Rick is Harry. Ted warns them about the dangers in voodoo country but they couldn’t care less. They want to find those symbols Harry drew and get some gold.

Back at Roland’s place Susan hears screams coming from the lab and goes to investigate. That just gets Roland mad and he tells her he’s created a new being that combines man and beast. He can’t wait to show it off back in the States. Then he tells her if she tries to leave he’ll kill her. Time for another injection into Zuranda and once again she’s a monster. He communicates with her by telepathy and orders her to destroy a native village. She knocks down a hut but can’t kill anyone. Then she turns back into her sweet self. Chaka isn’t amused. He says she just doesn’t have it in her to be a killer.

Back in the jungle Marilyn tells Ted that some tribes use gold for voodoo and she’ll split fifty-fifty with him. He’s not buying it.  Just about then Roland orders Zuranda to kill Ted and Marilyn while they sleep. She can’t do it and Rick comes along and kills her and grabs the voodoo doll she’s holding and takes it back to Marilyn. Chaka says the natives want revenge for Zuranda’s murder so Marilyn kills Rick. Roland finally has the perfect woman for his experiment.

There’s a lot more stupidity to come and with a movie like this you wouldn’t want it any other way. Look out for that pit. That stuff coming out of there really smarts if you walk into it.

Roland and Chaka check out Zuranda

Roland and Chaka check out Zuranda




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2 Responses to Voodoo Woman (1957)

  1. Donnalee says:

    You are exposing us to the seamy underbelly of badbad movies. I somehow never knew they made this many!

  2. vintage45 says:

    There is an endless supply.

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