Steelheart-William C. Dietz (1998)

“Machines Are Evil-So Sayeth The Lord” That’s the slogan of the antitech religious Zid on the planet Zuul in 2176. It’s believed their home planet dumped them on Zuul because they wanted to get rid of them. Their goal is to get rid of all technology, especially the androids constructed to aid the planet’s human population..

The Founders of Zuul are all gone. The planet is experiencing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A group of scientists based on Flat Top are trying to rebuild the planet.

Harley Doon, a Beta 410 Police Special Android is missing an arm. He takes one from Sojo, a destroyed android. He goes to Mary Maras, a roboticist. She attatches the arm while a band of Zid fanatics is on its way to destroy Mary’s shop. 

The two take off and have an arduous journey to the Holy Lands.  Doon wants to reach Flat Top and Mary wants to get her daughter who is with her husband George. He’s one of the higher up humans in the church.

Lictor, the church leader decides it’s time to wipe out the heretics and sends out the Reapers, a band of fanatical killers to pave the way for a crusade. This leads to Armageddon.

Helping the scientists are other aliens on the planet, the Mothri, six ton females that resemble beetles. They have large analytical brains.

In orbit around the planet is spy sat SS-4A, also known as Michael.

Dietz paints a vivid portrait of the fanatical Zid. When the final battle comes, don’t have any distractions. You’ll be glued to it.

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