Crooks’ Tour By Members Of The Mystery Writers Of America-Edited by Bruno Fischer (1953)

Bruno Fischer

Bruno Fischer

Twenty-two stories from 1932,36,47,50-53. Favorites:

“The MWA Murder” (1951) – Robert Arthur – At the Mystery Writers of America meeting one author tells another he’s come up with a plot for the perfect locked room mystery. A few days later he’s murdered….in a locked room.

“Flowers For An Angel” (1951) – Nigel Morland – Morland writes about an early case of his widely popular sleuth Mrs.Pym. The setting is China in the 20’s. To the surprise and chagrin of the men she was the first woman appointed Detective Sergeant in the Shanghai Municipal Police Force. She’s out to solve the murder of a European woman. This has a great ending.

“The Needle’s Eye” (1951) – Ellery Queen – Ellery’s explorer friend Erickson asks him to come to his island off Montauk Point, New York. He’s afraid a murder will be committed. His niece Inga is there with a Britisher she met and married. Erickson can’t stand him and he thinks his father is also a phony. Ellery’s cover story is he’s looking for Captain Kidd’s buried treasure. The burial spot can be seen from a tower through the eye of a needle.

“The Jimat Of Dorland” (1936) -Lawrence G.Blochman – Dorland is a crook hiding out in Borneo. He’s with a geologist who discovers a lot of raw diamonds. The professor comes down with a fever and Morland steals the diamonds after the prof dies. Now he has to get through the jungle and head hunting natives.

“Source Seven”(1953) – Michael Gilbert – Detective Petrella is sent to the French wine country to track down the source supplying heroin to England and where it ends up. He explores a wine cellar and may stay longer than he’d like.

Other authors: Maurice Proctor, Dorothy Gardiner, Bruno Fischer, Q.Patrick, Clayre and Michael Lipman, Brett Halliday, Margery Allingham, Anthony Boucher, Walter Snow, Morris Hershman, William P. McGivern, Day Keene, Lawrence Treat w/Sidney Tarachow, Joseph Commings, Georges Simenon, Fredric Brown and Ruthven Todd.

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