Crime Through Time II-Edited by Miriam Grace Monfredo and Sharan Newman (1998)

miriam grace monfredo and sharan newman (editors)-crime through time II

Nineteen historical mysteries. I’m not a big fan of Historical Mysteries so the pickin’s were slim for me in this collection. The novelty of real figures involved in solving crime just falls flat if the story itself isn’t too interesting. There are a number of stories in this genre that I have enjoyed in other collections. Still, there are a few here that I liked, but not too many.

“Domesday Deferred” – Edward Marston – Ralph Delchard and Gervase Bret travel through England right after the Norman conquest looking for crime and handing out justice. This adventure is close to home as William The Conqueror tells them he has it on good authority that someone close to him has him slated for assassination. Their assignment is to find the culprit.

“The Movable City” – Edward D.Hoch – Genghis Khan is doing what he does best. Moving his troops closer to another conquest when he makes a discovery. Someone stole a chest of gold coins from the Treasury tent. A slave volunteers to find the thief. If he doesn’t he and the nineteen others captured with him won’t live to see another day. He’s got twenty-four hours.

“The High Constable And The Rochester Rappers” – Maan Myers (Martin and Annette Myers) – The Rochester Rappers are two young girls who claim they can contact the spirit world. At their seances communication is done by raps on the floor that come from…somewhere. Horace Greeley attends a session along with the High Constable. He has a few tricks of his own up his sleeve.

“Dorothy Past And Present” – Michael Coney – Sisters Mary and Dorothy Cartwright were among the children evacuated to the English countryside during World War Two. Mary is now sixty-two and returns to the village where they were sent in 1942 to look into her past.

Other authors: Walter Satterthwait, John Maddox Roberts, Anne Perry, Dianne Day, Laura Joh Rowland, Nancy Kress, Miriam Grace Monfredo, Robert Barnard, Gillian Linscott, William F.Wu, Sharan Newman, Carole Nelson Douglas, Jan Burke, Sarah Smith and Elizabeth Foxwell.

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