Blue Limbo-Terence M.Green (1997)

terence green-blue limbo

Combination SF/hard boiled cop story that takes place in 21st century Toronto. It’s possible to talk with the dead for a total of four weeks after death. The device is called Blue Limbo. The dead see the world as the color blue. Beyond the SF elements the book is mostly about the dangerous life of a cop and his deteriorating personal life. It’s a good and fast paced read.

Mitch Helwig blows up a warehouse belonging to a huge crime syndicate. It’s so big no one knows who sits at the top. Corruption is everywhere. They’re after Mitch and his boss  Sam Karoulis since the warehouse contained five billion dollars worth of cocaine along with assorted high tech weapons. A bomb is planted in Sam’s office. Two policemen are killed but Sam and Mitch barely escaped and that was sheer luck. Mitch ends up getting suspended from the force.

His personal life is falling apart. His wife Elaine is having an affair with her boss, Don. Mitch goes to the spy store and buys a number of high tech gadgets. He traces a phone call to her and that starts him on his campaign. He sits outside a restaurant where Elaine and Don are meeting. While they’re inside he takes a lasar to their cars.

Don says Mitch is dangerous but she refuses to call the cops,. He persuades her to meet him at his place. Mitch hears everything and surprises Don as he’s setting up a seduction scene. Once again Mitch uses his lasar and destroys some of Don’s furniture including his waterbed.

Elaine has had it and Mitch moves out. He has to battle her in order to see their nine year old daughter Barbie. She reluctantly agrees to visits. Mitch is living in a crummy apartment and Sam helps him with basics like dishes and towels which he had stored in his basement. His wife Helen is glad to see them cleared out.

Mitch confronts two purse snatchers and is burned by a lasar before he puts them down. One has an artificial hand that Mitch burns off. He also has a lie detecting device called a Barking Dog. He leaves them alive but they have something to think about it.

Mitch spends time visiting his father Paul who is in a nursing home. He likes to watch TV and collect trivia. He’s good friends with a resident named Flo. Rather than go to the hospital Mitch sees them and Flo takes care of his wound.

Sam’s daughter Maria is going to do her thesis in Madagascar. She’s visiting her parents before she leaves. Sam says don’t worry about the expense. One night Sam’s doorbell rings. He’s shot in the heart with a lasar. Mitch gets him to a hospital and forces doctors to hook Sam up to Blue Limbo. Mitch asks him who killed him.

There’s a lot of action to come and it will hold your attention. The character of Paul Helwig could have a book of his own. A terrific portrait of an eighty-four year old man, the kind you’d like to spend time with.

Terence M.Green

Terence M.Green


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